Featuring the New IPhone X Optimized for Augmented Reality with New Gyroscopes and Accelerometers for Accurate Motion Tracking

PEARLAND, TX – 18 Sep, 2017 – Earlier this week, the recent announcement of the iPhone X at the keynote event held in Apple Park has opened new doors for most application development firms around the world. The aroma of success smells sweet for most AR specialists as Tim Cook explained how Augmented Reality shapes the future of the technological sphere. Early PC, smartphone and tablet augmented reality applications focused on games only, but with the launch of latest iPhone X and ARKit, scopes have broadened towards the application of AR in different industries.

Introducing iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It is an aluminum and glass designed device which is available in three beautiful colors. Incorporating an A11 bionic chip, the phone is optimized to deliver exceptional performance. It offers Retina HD display which delivers incomparable augmented reality effects to the users. The new iPhone further adds more additional features such as popular camera equipped with portrait lightning, wireless charging capabilities and high durability. And the device will be in store on the beginning of Friday, September 22.

What is Augmented Reality and How Does It Outdo Virtual Reality?

The interfacing between the machine and the brain are like two parallel lines running simultaneous towards the same goal and AR is one of the many concepts that encourages the convergence of the two so they end up superimposing each other.

Augmented Reality is what makes you believe; you are the interface itself in reality allowing you to interact with the AR compatible device and take a look through it, the device will ensure that you super impose characters in real life environment. What Augmented Reality basically does is create computer generated images and overlay them on top of real-life view so you can function in a digital merged reality.

And seems like Apple is banking on the idea with its new iPhone X device that is making Virtual Reality, a thing of the past.

What Kind of AR Apps Will Work Best for iPhone X?

The ARKit is one of the best platforms that helps Apple confirm that the future tech is going to meet the highest quality standards of engineering in the world of AR application development. iPhone 8 is said to be launched with dual special cameras which are equipped with enhanced AR capabilities. The cameras are meant to deliver a deeper sense of depth in order to recognize 3D space and make Augmented Reality far more effective than perceived.

The ARKit is anticipated to open up different pathways to tremendous opportunities. Since, current Augmented Reality apps are getting a significant boost within the market, the future AR applications are going to contribute far more to the growth and expansion of various industries. Examples align themselves on the frontline such as the footage release presenting Pokemon GO working in its full effect with ARKit on iOS 11.

In Apple’s Keynote demo, Pokemon Go was a center stage where Pokemon appeared to actually stand on a specified surface area instead of hovering over it giving the Pokemon a more lifelike and fascinating view.

Then there is the IKEA firm that takes pride in announcing a new AR app launch as well. This new virtual innovation will allow users to use their cameras and superimpose selected furniture from a range of catalogue within their respective room and surrounding. It will help people get a feel of the furniture before they buy it and ensure that the respective furniture that they wish to purchase fits best into their home or office environments.

Pokemon GO and IKEA based on iOS 11 are one of the many first AR applications heading towards the future of technology. With iPhone 8, Apple is going to put a lot of efforts into backing AR. We are surely looking forward to a whole lot of exciting new AR applications expected to come out later this year.

Arturo Digital is one such technology firm located in Pearland,Texas that is now extending research and development in the field of Augmented Reality.  With the launch of iOS 11 in the Fall of 2017, developers at Arturo have already started investing heavily in the largest AR platform in the world with a skilled workforce of Augmented Reality Specialists. Although, we have only just touched the cusp of digital traditional interfacing, companies large and small would surely consider adapting their digital platforms to equip their consumer facing platforms with AR to assist in engagement.

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