Unisun Assists Enterprises to Upgrade Energy Mix, Promoting a Green Global Revolution

Chinese photovoltaic (PV) companies are playing an increasingly significant role in the process of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the energy mix, leading to a green environmental revolution. 

According to data provided by the International Energy Agency, installed PV capacity was more than 34GW in China in 2016, more than twice that of the United States, accounting for nearly half of the global added solar power generation capacity in 2016.

Unisun Group is a key representative of Chinese PV enterprises. As one of the largest distributed PV investors in China, Unisun Group not only helps enterprises and public institutions in more than 50 Chinese cities to transform their energy supply, but also actively throws itself into the global energy revolution. Its invested projects can be found in dozens of countries and regions including the Netherlands, Japan, India and North America. 

Contribute to the Energy Transformation and Upgrading of Enterprises 

Under pressure from the current energy mix and its effect on the environment, an upgrade to the global energy mix is becoming increasingly urgent.

Ji Xiaonan, chairman of the Supervisory Board for Key Large State-Owned Enterprises of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, China State Council said on a public occasion that the enterprise should play an integral role in the implementation of green development and realization of a low-carbon economy. 

Yisha He, the chairman of Unisun Group agreed with this viewpoint, and under her leadership,  Unisun Group is always actively participating in transformation of the global energy mix. “Under the backdrop of global climate change, environmental pollution and energy shortage, the enterprises’ initiative to upgrade their global energy mix will bring a positive influence to the entire society.” said by Yisha He in a media interview. In choosing its partners, Unisun not only considers their scale and profitability, but more importantly, their active participation in energy transformation and its impact on industries in general.

Under these demanding conditions, the cooperative project between Unisun and Wahaha Group, a giant in the international fast-moving consumption goods industry, is regarded as the benchmark for enterprises to take an initiative in energy transformation.

According to publicly disclosed information, the Wahaha Phase II project co-carried out by Unisun and Wahaha Group totals 70MW, making it the largest power reform system in China thus far. The total annual generation capacity is up to 80 million kWh. Wahaha Group can save more than 26,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 72,000 tons of carbon emissions annually.

After completion of construction of the project, Wahaha subsidiaries in nearly 80% Chinese provinces and cities will use clean energy power, and Wahaha Group will be a true “green smart factory”.

Unilever is also a partner of Unisun. Unilever has explicitly stated that it will realize 100% clean energy supply by 2030, and has been searching for partners worldwide based on strict standards. Ultimately, Unisun stood out from numerous competitors and became one of major new energy suppliers of Unilever in China. 

At present, two distributed PV projects constructed for the use of Unilever’s factories have been connected to the grid successfully, with annual generation capacity exceeding 15.8 million kwh.

Improve the Environment While Allowing More People to Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Energy

Wahaha Group and Unilever are just two cases in Unisun’s new energy service customer base. In fact, these cooperative relationships have resulted in over 200MW of interconnected projects in the first half of 2017, among which energy mix upgrading of enterprises and public institutions occupied a dominant position.

“We are continuing to take steps forward in the face of the dual challenges of the environmental protection and energy usage,” Yisha He repeatedly explained why she has been devoted to the PV industry and the field of new energy.

It is understood that this idea was deeply embedded in her mind after she finished her overseas studies in the UK, and her goal is to provide reliable energy supply for mankind and allow more people to enjoy the benefits of new clean energy. After the establishment of Unisun, the concept is embedded into every aspect of Unisun’s operations.

Unisun not only assisted enterprises to upgrade their energy mix, but has also started a large public welfare project “Unisun Dream Plan”. By means of combining distributed PV power generation with supply of educational equipment and direct donations, Unisun has contributed to the educational development and energy infrastructure of poverty-stricken mountainous areas.

Actively Promoting the Global Energy Revolution

It is the aforementioned dream and enterprise responsibility that supports Unisun to consciously act as the promoter of the green energy revolution. In addition, Unisun is also an active participant in the global energy revolution.

On June 30, Unisun’s 18MW ground-mounted PV power station in Telangana, India, connected to the grid successfully. The project is expected to produce 33.6 million kwh of clean energy and reduce approximately 26,500 tons of carbon emissions annually.

Unisun is one of the earliest Chinese PV investment enterprises to enter the Japanese PV market, with the Tokyo subsidiary being established in early 2013. By 2014, Unisun has developed over 60MW of projects, with an additional 200MW of project reserves after one-year of market development and team build-up.

On March 17 this year, the 15MW PV power plant in Okazaki, Fukushima, Fukushima-Ken, Japan was officially connected to the grid, and this has pushed Unisun into the top tier of PV firms in Japan.

Unisun is also one of the earliest Chinese PV enterprises to enter the Eastern European PV market. In December 2013, three power plants in Romania with total installed capacity of 20MW were connected to the grid successfully. These are expected to meet the requirements of more than 10,000 local residents for their household electricity consumption.

Like other Chinese PV companies, Unisun has never stopped marching forward. “The challenge of the environment and energy to mankind is not region specific, and our aim is to contribute to the improvement of environment globally,” said Yisha He in a media interview.

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