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The Hottest Online Store for Busy Students

Students, teachers and parents are always on the lookout for great deals. That is why Phat Math Inc. created SkoolDealz (, an online store that offers school supplies, books, study resources and career information for teachers, students and parents at great prices and at the click of a button. SkoolDealz carries over 1,000 products and services. There are:

  • Office and school supplies
  • Mobile phones and related accessories
  • Cameras and related photography and videography items
  • Computers, tablets and related accessories
  • Bedding and bath accessories
  • Clothing, shoes and jewelry
  • Event and party supplies
  • Exercise and fitness equipment and accessories
  • Textbooks and exercise books
  • And many, many more deals!

Whatever a student, teacher or parent needs is available on SkoolDealz at the click of a button. The store is affiliated with the biggest e-commerce website so all purchases are processed by Amazon’s secure server. Everything is delivered to the purchaser’s doorstep. How convenient is that!

The SkoolDealz blog features current hot topics, job information, financial literacy information and an opportunity to make money as a MathQED affiliate.

Math tutoring is offered through for grades K-12 and for college students. It is highly recommended as it goes deep into whatever math topic is under discussion while simplifying the mathematical concept for the student. If you are a struggling math student then you will find MathQED to be a very valuable resource.

Financial literacy, which remains a challenge for most people, is now possible through the SkoolDealz blog. There are also links to financial news, financial books, debt management books and debt management information on associated websites. These are great resources that prepare students for the real world of finance. In fact the resources are useful for anyone who wants to learn how to get out of debt and to manage finances better and even invest!

Career information is available through the blog, links to associated websites and the MathQED affiliate program.

Discounts and giveaways are featured each day on and there are links to websites that have special offers and giveaways. This is a great service for students on a tight budget.

For more information on SkoolDealz please watch this video and this video.

Dr. Iris Mack (CEO of Phat Math, Inc.) and the other founders are keen to make a difference and they will respond if you contact them for further information. As Dr. Iris Mack said, “We love to inspire people to greater heights, and our website SkoolDealz is one way to do it while providing carefully selected products at affordable prices.”

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