Ultimate Visa Corporation – How Bad Experience Gave Birth to a Winning Business

Bad experience teaches us some lessons.  For Janet Altamarino, Ultimate Visa Corporation’s CEO and founder, it just did not stop with  learning.  She took her unfortunate experiences as opportunities that would soon lead to great success.  

The bad experience  

After graduating from college, Altamarino was in search for greener pasture and was looking forward to a more promising life abroad. She used her savings to pay a certain visa-processing company to process her documents.  Unfortunately, they were just selfish crooks scamming on people just like her. Not only was she scammed once, but thrice.   

Those unfortunate incidents, as well as realizing there were many more people being victimized, Altamarino thought something has to be done.  She wanted to help other people process their visa in an ethical way.  She knows how heartbreaking it is for people to give up their savings, properties, and other assets just so they can go abroad, but nothing actually happens with their applications.

The birth of Ultimate Visa Corporation

In January 2009, Janet Altamarino finally started Ultimate Visa Corporation in Cebu along with her friend, Atty. Jonnah John B. Ungab.  The company started processing visa applications and assisted clients with other visa-related needs.  Altamarino recalls how she had to do all the work when they just started the business. She had to do the assessment of applicants, the filing of visa applications, and all the documentation just to provide reliable service to Cebuanos wishing to travel or work abroad.  

It was just after three months when they moved to a bigger office in Cebu and hire more employees to cater more clients.  Today, the company has more offices in Cebu and some offices in Manila to serve more applicants.  The company also entertains clients online, who could not visit their office.  


Ultimate Visa Corporation processes tourist, spousal, student, immigration, and fiancé visas to different countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Europe, other countries in Asia, and more.  

Aside from processing visas, they also give free assessment to prospective clients if they are qualified to apply for a certain visa or what options they have.  They provide consultation services to clients who need ideas on what type of visa to apply for and to clients who have legal immigration concerns.  

Ultimate Visa Corporation also offers services that help increase the chances of their clients of having an approved visa.  Altamarino thought that many applicants get denied of a visa simply because they do not know how to communicate their intentions correctly.  The company also tries to focus on the strengths of their clients to increase their chances of having their visas approved.

Awards and recognition

The dedicated people of Ultimate Visa Corporation have all contributed to the success of the business gaining the trust of the Filipinos.  Not only is this proven by its high percentage of visa approval, but also by the awards and recognitions the company received.  Thanks to the expert advisers of the company; the lawyers who are in charge of legal immigration concerns; the group of competent researchers who help keep them up with the immigration laws, news, and trends; and of course its committed CEO, Janet Altamarino, who flies back and forth between Manila and Cebu to help serve their clients and make important corporate decisions.    

The awards and recognition achieved by Ultimate Visa Corporation include the following:

  • Immigration Services Provider of the Year 2014 – National Award (Business Achievement and Recognition Awards or BARA)
  • Best Visa Assistance Company 2013 (33rd People’s Choice and Seal of Excellence Awards Philippines)
  • Most Trusted immigration Services Provider 2013 (Global Management Excellence Awards)
  • Most Trusted Immigration Services Company 2012 (National Consumers’ Choice Awards Council
  • Most Trusted immigration Services Provider 2012 (Global Management Excellence Awards)
  • Immigration Services Provider of the Year 2012 – National Award (Business Achievement and Recognition Awards or BARA)
  • Best Immigration Services Provider 2012  – National Category (Star Brand Philippines)
  • Outstanding Filipino Achiever in Business and Civic category (Janet Altamarino – Star Brand Philippines)
  • Most Outstanding Filipino Achiever of 2012 (Janet Altamarino – Star Brand Philippines)
  • Woman Achiever of the Year 2012 (Janet Altamarino – BARA)
  • Business Achiever of the Year 2012 (Atty Jonah John Ungab – BARA)   

Today, Ultimate Visa Corporation continues to offer unparalleled visa and consultation services to its clients with dedication and professionalism at reasonable cost.   

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