Reliable commercial and office cleaning services in London

Ideal Services & Maintenance Ltd is a group of London specialists providing some of the most reliable office and commercial cleaning services available with a 99.8% deadline meeting rate.

Keeping offices and commercial areas clean can be quite a bit more challenging than simply cleaning one’s home. These types of buildings see a lot more traffic, with people coming in and out constantly, often leaving dirt from the outdoors in their trails. Taking care of all that on your own is far too overwhelming a task. This is where Ideal Services & Maintenance can help you out.

A well-established company with a very consistent track record, Ideal Services & Maintenance is one of the country’s leading professionals that provide excellent cleaning services. With a steady, 99.8% deadline meeting rate, Ideal Services & Maintenance is not only incredibly efficient, but also reliable.

In order to provide maximum flexibility for their clients, they remain in contact with their customers at all times, offering fixed and non-fixed contracts on only monthly rolling agreements, so that clients are not bound to any long-term commitments. These agreements guarantee that clients will be visited by the same cleaning operative team at all times, meaning they can count on a consistent level of service from professionals that already know, understand, and respect their individual needs and wishes.

Every cleaning schedule is arranged in accordance with prior arrangements with the client, including all arrangements with the keys and alarm devices remaining completely accessible to the clients at all times. Clients can also rest assured knowing that no cleaning jobs will ever be cancelled – the professional team at Ideal Services & Maintenance is always prepared for any outcome, meaning they have a cover cleaning manager available on-call 24/7.

Ideal Services & Maintenance is a guarantee of:

  • One cleaning operative or team that can always take care of your office or commercial area

  • A cleaning schedule arranged on a weekly basis to meet the needs of the client

  • Keys and alarm access stored safely and available 24/7

  • No job cancelations – a cover cleaner is always available

  • Cleaning managers available on call 24/7

  • All employees speak English

Ideal Services & Maintenance will never:

  • Lose a client’s keys

  • Fail to turn off alarms

  • Be late for work

  • Shorten a cleaning session

  • Postpone cleaning for another day

  • Fail to polish desks thoroughly

  • Skip hard-to-reach places

  • Use phones during work

  • Reject a client’s request for help

  • Leave an office without receiving the scheduled toiletry delivery

  • Leave a client waiting for a response from them for more than 5 hours.

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Company Name: Ideal Services & Maintenance Ltd
Phone: 020 3601 3589
Country: United Kingdom