Introducing Survival Envy: A New Name Among Survival and Camping Gear Providers

As camping’s popularity is one the rise, more people need top-quality survival and camping gear. Survival Envy is a new business offering this equipment online at reasonable prices.

In the 21st century, camping has evolved from a hobby of few to a mass-loved activity that grows more popular by the day. There are about 75 million active camping households in the US today, and all these people need survival and camping gear. Survival Envy is a new business in this industry, but it’s sure to shine. Offering quality goods at reasonable prices, combined with good customer service is the formula for attracting clients.

Survival and Camping Gear: Factors to Consider

Surveys state that in the US alone over 13 million families are planning to go camping more often in 2017. This number has been growing roughly by a million every year starting 2014 and the trend is going strong. This means that with every passing day the demand for survival and camping gear increases, and savvy businesses react to it.

The issue here is that such an increase in demand always causes the market to flood with cheap low-quality products. This might be a good thing in some cases, as it suddenly makes the new popular hobby available for everyone to enjoy.

However, when it comes to camping gear, quality and reliability are paramount. One’s survival in the wild literally depends on the equipment in their backpack. Even a patrolled camping site has some risks, so using low-quality gear isn’t an option.

Another issue caused by the extreme popularity of camping is that reputed manufacturers up their prices. They understand that with the activity being ‘hot’ people will be ready to splurge extra money on it. Thus, they follow the basic business laws and try to make more profit.

The result is that an average person struggles with buying survival and camping gear. They don’t want to settle for the cheapest and obviously low-grade option, but they can’t afford to buy from the leading brands.

Survival Envy: New Outlook on Selling Survival and Camping Gear

Survival Envy was created to help people in this position. The new shop of all things camping offers a wide selection of reliable and affordable gear. Their website,, also features detailed guides and reviews that can help buyers analyze and compare different products.

Survival Envy offers a full range of camping gear from sleeping bags to portable ware filtering systems. Studying their guides is helpful not only to pick the best option within one’s price range, but also to learn more about the gear.

Survival Envy prides itself on being completely honest with their clients. They are willing to highlight both strengths and weaknesses of every piece of gear so that a buyer can make an educated decision.

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