Minimalist Design And Interchangeable Strap Are Leading The Modern Fashion Trend!

Swiss fashion luxury watch brand Welly Merck goes innovative with new straps that fits for every dress

Reinventing the simple fashion design eternal charm, the interchangeable straps of Welly Merck allows you manage all kinds of different style of dress easily, sparkling in any occasion. Welly Merck is the preferred choice for lovers for the type of 36 mm and 42 mm minimalist watches.

“The prominent part of our watch is the 4 o’clock position crown design, crown at 4 o’clock position gives a horological comfortable experience when wearing Welly Merck timeless watch,” A staff of Welly Merck Explains. “The crown was moved to 4 o’clock to stop it digging into your wrist, and to offer it additional protection (using the side of the case, as well as possibly crown guards) in adverse environments.”

“Since stepping into the Japanese market in March 2017, Welly Merck has been received cheerfully and widely praised, especially from the young people. The growth has been tremendous over the past couple of months and today you can see the Welly Merck brand Shoppes in many big shopping malls and watch stores”.  

On August 28, 2017, Welly Merck sponsored the series of 2017 Tokyo Boy activities. At the event, all the Welly Merck watches have been sold out and the demand exceeds supply. There will be more overall introduction about this Swiss fashion luxury watch brand Welly Merck on our platform in the following days and please keep focused.

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We align ourselves with those who think like us. At Welly Merck, we’re always striving for more power, more function, and heightened simplicity. Our designs are purposeful, modern, and always evolving. Just like our wearers.

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