ORVIBO Introduces De-House Smart Home Solution That Includes 7 Intelligent Systems to Provide Secure, Energy-Saving & Efficient Way of Living

The seven smart systems in the solution are smart lighting system, smart security system, central conditioning system, appliance control, access control, smart curtain and energy management.

Shenzhen ORVIBO Electronics Co., Ltd brings a promising and smart solution that people can use remotely to control and monitor their home. The solution is known as De-House Smart Home Solution that includes seven different smart systems: smart lighting system, smart security system, central conditioning system, appliance control, access control, smart curtain and energy management.

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According to the spokesperson of the company, De-House is unique from all other available smart home solutions with several cutting-edge and well thought-of features. The solution is easy to install with its ZigBee wireless technology and has a more user-friendly design and interface. ORVIBO uses an advanced cloud technology that makes the solution accessible through a secure and smart cloud platform. The solution is also compatible with a number of devices from different brands and the ZigBee communication system also ensures a stable and efficient connectivity.

Besides the smart home solution, Shenzhen ORVIBO Electronics Co., Ltd has come up with several kinds of smart home systems that can bring a smart, secure and energy-efficient living experience for everyone. One can easily control the conditions and devices of their home or office from a remote location using their mobile devices. With a one-key control, ORVIBO smart systems make life comfortable, convenient and cost-effective for the users.

The spokesperson reveals that they offer a host of intelligently designed smart home products, such as smart sockets, smart hubs, smart controller, security kits and sensors, smart switches, and so on. They supply the smart Wi-Fi socket that can instantly convert any plugged-in device into an intelligent device, which a user can control remotely. Using these smart products, one can monitor the usage of their home appliance and can control the energy consumption. By monitoring the working of home appliances in the real-time, one can not only control the cost, but can also change their way of living.

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