A Successful Confidence Coach Is Helping Shy Women Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Is Low Self-Esteem or a Lack of Confidence Hurting Your Business? Self-Confidence Coach, Coach Flo, Helps Women Entrepreneurs Who Struggle With Fear and Low Self-Esteem Create Successful Brands

A lack of confidence is affecting millions of women entrepreneurs and is posing a threat to the success of their businesses. According to a recent report, 80 percent of new businesses fail each year with many of those failing due to lack of confidence. A popular Confidence Coach and author is helping to change those figures and help female entrepreneurs experience success by overcoming their low confidence.


Coach Flo, who is a successful author, has gained a reputation for helping to change the lives of her clients by removing their negative thoughts and reprogramming their minds. Due to her success, she has become one of the most recommended confidence coaches in the USA.

Low self-esteem, fear or anxiety can have a very negative effect on a person’s life. For those women with a career or running their own business, suffering from lack of confidence can have a serious impact on their success. According to an article in Lifehealth.com, The most common emotion among women is fear. With money, lots of people fear they do not have enough; that someone will take it; that they will lose it all and never get it back. Nearly half of all U.S. women fear of becoming a “bag lady” – including those in households earning more than $200,000 a year – according to the 2013 Women, Money and Power Study.

Once ruled by fear and anxiety, Coach Flo once believed her dreams of being an entrepreneur were unattainable.  She explained: “I suffered from such severe fear and anxiety that I talked myself out of communicating with potential clients. As a result, I suffered from depression and lived vicariously through other business women who seemed to exude confidence.

My fears and low self-worth killed my PR business before it even got off the ground. Like so many women with anxiety, I had great ideas, but I was stagnant in my life because low self-worth messages were running my life and my business. I kept searching for answers outside of myself, but I eventually got tired of searching for a guru, and decided to become one.”

After noticing that other women were struggling with fear and low self-worth, Coach Flo made it her mission to provide support to women entrepreneurs by becoming a holistic life coach.

According to Coach Flo, “I became a coach for women like me who have the potential to be millionaires and live happier lives but don’t know how to tap into their own power. What’s stopping women from achieving success is not having a strong foundation in who they are. As women, we’re sensitive to other’s perceptions of us. If we were told that we were ugly, stupid, or were treated as valueless, we tend to bring those same energies to our businesses and every area of our lives, and it stops us from being successful.” Coach Flo Enterprises was born out of her need to help women rise above the ashes of fear and low self-esteem so that they can begin to bring their dreams into fruition.

“I have learned that women are experts at acting like they have it all together. We smile, look gorgeous, and even hold high-paying positions, but when we go home, undress, and take our make-up off, our self-confidence becomes non-existent.” Many women, who seem successful, often feel empty, lonely, and afraid. If they also suffer from anxiety, the pain is even deeper, so they may self-medicate or withdraw from the world. This greatly affects how they do business and the level of success they will achieve.”

Coach Flo said she is determined to change lives and provide hope, inspiration to women who have given up their dreams or are suffering in silence.  “I want to be the voice that helps them remember their power and claim the success they deserve.”

For more information, email Coach Flo at Flo@CoachFloEnterprises.com

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Coach Flo Enterprises teaches shy women entrepreneurs how to turn low self-esteem and anxiety into power and profits. Our loving, supportive coaches specialize in fear and anxiety transformation, effective communication techniques, personal development, self-esteem and relationship coaching, career coaching, behavior modification, and stress reduction. We are passionate about transforming our client’s hearts and minds so that they can create a successful life they love!

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