Innovative and Advanced Trading Software has Just Emerged on the Market – The QProfit System!

LONDON, UK – 18 Sep, 2017 – QProfit System is an online investment tool that was recently presented to the trading society. The software has been developed by the experienced trader Jerry Douglas. Apparently, he received some help by his college friend Sasha Petroshenko who is a former software engineer in NASA. The men decided to combine their efforts and knowledge in order to create a successful and profitable online trading software. Now, it is available for regular traders and they can join it and give it a try.

The official website of the automated trading solution provides Internet users with a lot of information related to the implemented algorithms and strategies it uses when it places trades on the behalf of its members. The promo video contains some first-hand information according to which the robot uses both quantum speed technology and big data investment principles. This helps it find the most profitable possibilities on the market and turn them in winning trades.

The stated strike rate of the QProfit System is 95% which should meant that this software is actually unable to lose. In terms of generated daily amount of profits, some user testimonials confirm the information according to which the software generates at least $2,500 for its users on a daily basis.

Moreover, the interface of the system is user-friendly and very easy to follow and navigate. Even absolutely newbie trader will manage to trade with it. The autopilot trading mode is yet another convenient and really useful feature which aims to help people save time and earn profits at the same moment.

Another interesting feature of the automated trading software is the fact that it is web-based. In other words, traders won’t be required to download or install additional files to their desktop. They only have to log into their private account and start using the system. Maybe this is the reason why Mr. Douglas says: “ Trading with my software QProfit System is really simple. Everyone can do it and this was the main goal of my developing team. Wanted to provide regular people with a unique and very accessible investment tool.”

All the people who are willing to start using the software should fill in the registration online form. Then, they will receive a confirmation email to get assigned to a recommended broker and place their initial trading deposit. Finally, they will only need to activate their account and decide on how they would like to place their trades – manually or automatically.

Both Jerry Douglas and Sasha Petroshenko promise free access to the automated trading system. People won’t be charged to claim their spot in the software. As soon as they finish their registration process they will be given the chance to start using the robot. The platform accepts 50 new members per day so trader should be flexible and fast to succeed in saving their place in it.

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