Stillwater Martial Arts Is Helping Local Kids Improve Their Maths Skills – Ninja Math Facts

Children at Richmond Elementary School are improving their maths thanks to a martial arts instructor

A martial arts school in Stillwater, Oklahoma is showing how martial arts is more than a form of defense and a sport. Stillwater Martial Arts Academy with Master Instructor Alex Evers is helping children at Richmond Elementary School improve their maths skills through a program called Ninja Math Facts.


Ninja Math Facts is an important program that helps to motivate and inspire children to increase their appreciation and learning of math. Alex Evers was concerned about a recent report that showed students in the USA were lacking behind many other countries and decided to do something about it.

For the past two years, the Stillwater Martial Arts instructor has been volunteering at the school to help Richmond Elementary School 2nd graders improve their math skills with the Ninja Math Facts program. The program has become a big hit with the students and as well as improving their math ability; it has also helped to improve their confidence.

When asked for more details about the program, Alex Evers said: “Ninja Math Facts is a program the teachers created. Essentially, it’s the child’s math curriculum, but the teachers broke their math problems up into groups. So, the more problems you solve the closer you get to your next belt. Because the kids earn a belt once they hit their goal, they get to feel good about themselves and start working on the next goal for how many math problems they need to do.”

Stillwater Martial Arts is heavily involved in their local community, helping people of all ages to improve their lives. As a community-based organization, Alex Evers and his martial arts school want to see the children prosper and achieve what they can out of life through education.

Stillwater Martial Arts has become an important part of the local community. The school runs a number of martial arts classes for adults and children.

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About Stillwater Martial Arts

Stillwater Martial Arts is Stillwater’s premier martial arts studio.  Located downtown it was established in 2004.  The mission of Stillwater Martial Arts is to help build leaders in the community by helping its students grow in physical fitness, focus, and self-confidence:

About Alex Evers

Alex Evers started training at the age of 12, when one of his pals said he was going to practice with his nunchaku after school. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Information Systems in 2013 from Oklahoma State University and started his own martial arts studio, Stillwater Martial Arts, at the age of 22:

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