SmarterBack – the posture tracking app for Mac OSX is launched

Innovative app to help track posture and ensure better sitting position, SmarterBack, launches for Mac OS

The Mac OS version of the innovative app designed to help people sit in the right way, SmarterBack has been launched recently. The app is designed to serve as a posture reminder to serve users of Mac devices and ensure they sit the right way whether they are using the computer or not.

It has become more difficult for persons to maintain the right sitting posture and this has often led to many people having issues with their spine. The continuous use of the computer has further worsened the issue, with many people spending long hours in front of the computer without maintaining the right sitting posture. The launch of the SmarterBack app for users of Mac devices is an innovation to correct this situation and ensure that computer users can “sit-up” for as long as they are in front of their computer.

The app uses the built-in camera on the computer, helping to prevent slouching while users work on their computers. One of the amazing features of the app is that it does not disturb the user while working on the computer. The full screen translucent notification from the app for users to sit up and stop slouching is obvious but not intrusive, ensuring that work is not disrupted. This is so as the app only “paints” the screen of the computer with the chosen color.

The posture tracking app can also be customized easily with users being able to choose their desired notification color. Users have 18 different colors to choose from, ensuring that everyone finds a color that does not only suit their personality but is also easy on their eyes. The colors are also easily noticeable allowing users to know when they start slouching.

The Smarter Back app will not only help users to sit in the right posture, but also helps to train the muscle memory to maintain a healthy posture, even when they are not using their computer. Using the app for as little as 15 minutes per day will go a long way in training the muscle memory to sit in the right posture.

The app is easy to install and use, requiring no computer skills or knowledge. Therefore, it becomes an easy correctional therapy to correct persons struggling to maintain the right sitting posture.

The software application will soon be available on the Mac App Store, with a free copy available on the Smarter Back site for interested persons.

About SmarterBack

SmarterBack is a computer app designed to rectify the wrong sitting posture of many computer users across the globe, by tracking their posture while using the computer and notifying them once they slouch. The app will be made available on Mac app store for users of computers running on the Mac operating system.

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