\”Only 21 More Months of Gasoline in Reserves then ALL Travel & Commerce Ends,\” warns World\’s Most Televised Environmentalist

“Seal of the United States”

We have been quietly training with the “captain’s group” that grooms the folks who run the White House since Harvard named me “Supermodel Activist of the Decade.” We have technically PERMANENTLY officially gone off the grid and live in the oceanfront jungle totally on solar power only as surfer activists. If you google “surfer activist” or “world’s most televised environmentalist” you will discover I am #1! Grooming with us include Leonardo DiCaprio, reigning world champion surfer John John Florence, Oscar winner Jared Leto, and Justin Bieber. The White House captain’s group has given us, the aforementioned artists and our networks, permission to share the following with you: there are only 21 more months of petroleum (gasoline) in reserves then all commerce and travel will be forced to a grinding halt, “Day the Earth Stood Still” style.

There simply isn’t enough petroleum to keep mass transit going. In 21 months there will NOT be ANY air travel, or cruises or any other kind of gasoline-fueled movement. They haven’t told people this until now so no one panics (the same way no one was warned about the Great Depression so as not to cause some kind of mad rush or even looting). Imagine if folks knew how zero resources we actually are and everyone scrambled to take one or two final trips to visit loved ones simultaneously – it would cripple the tourism industry immediately. 

For ANY environmental issue these days, there is an honest documentary online exposing the truth. Where is the one about how little petroleum/gasoline is really left in reserves, which is ONLY THROUGH JUNE 2019?

As the folks who were forced to create the plastics documentary “Aqua Seafoam Shame” which features Depeche Mode, The Cure, and “Endless Summer” star Robert August, and the shark finning documentary “Worst Shark Attack Ever” which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, John John, MGMT, and The Cure again, we can say that this press release is our version of directing a documentary on petroleum depletion since together collectively we have brought so many other environmental concerns to the forefront.

Well-researched “smarties” all over the planet have quietly gone off the grid completely solar with sources of trees in a garden because we know infrastructure is all coming to a grinding halt within the next two years. We swim in the ocean for “our bath” or any other toilet necessities and we lug ocean water in for our use. We live simply as if there was no electricity or commerce in place since this is all coming to pass imminently.

We have at least one year’s supply of food stashed already and then after that, there are a bunch of fruit trees here in the garden. Only 12 million folks globally as of now are believed to be prepared to not just survive but thrive without gasoline, electricity, or infrastructure and we are ONE of them.

This book we prepared on how to live FOREVER https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/503424 yes forever is a #1 bestseller (and only available through 12/31/17) and we have been on many TV interviews like this one https://vimeo.com/115590416 on the 3rd most watched market in America NBC Chicago discussing all the scientific evidence on how our body “the sacred temple” is actually built to last INDEFINITELY like a rechargeable battery.

This supports you for all situations. Also be aware that there is an intelligent breatharian movement – you may research on YouTube “how to be breatharian” as a way of optimized living. We wish we would have included that in the aforementioned bestseller “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time.”

Every trip to the grocery, consider returning with an extra week of non-perishable items for when commerce ends, as is scheduled imminently. This would facilitate the transition to organically living off the land and being more breatharian, which basically is your default. Consider that all the stuff that makes it to restaurants, groceries, and stores needs gasoline – what happens once petroleum runs out as is predicted in under two years? It would be silly to sit on a savings account when there will be nowhere to spend it after June 2019. YOU MUST IMAGINE AS IF NOTHING IN YOUR TOWN IS OPEN ANYMORE and stock up accordingly on everything from gasoline to non-perishable food and grocery items to electric mopeds and GO SOLAR.

There is a huge intelligence movement now to live indefinitely instead of putting a time limit. Reincarnation is hogwash – this is it – your one life to live, and as soon as you exit you may never exist again.

Numerous spiritual disciplines talk about “breaking the chain of birth, death, and karma” and we have achieved that in this day and age. Yes, we now understand HOW TO LIVE FOREVER with the “5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time.”

As such, that book is endorsed by many celebrities including supermodel Linda Evangelista, Cameron Diaz, Andrew Vanwyngarden of MGMT, Adrien Grenier (Vincent Chase of Entourage) Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto, John John Florence, and Justin Bieber; they all point to that piece of life-saving literature. The reason we drop names is to let you understand that these people’s networks are privy to this crisis society is facing that isn’t publicized unless we spread the word ourselves. The alarming truth is we have infrared technology and are heading for under 3 billion people by January 2018. The population would continue to drop due to environmental damage and no one publicizes it due to “let’s keep them calm.”

If you visit http://www.LeonardoWDicaprio.com or http://www.JaredJLeto.com or http://www.famousfix.com/topic/john-john-florence they all direct you to that lifesaving download!

Even if the world were to immediately transition to “environmentally conscious people” it is too late to refill an already depleted petroleum line. There will be no gasoline in under two years to bring any products to stock any shelves, or for any kind of travel, and that is that.

As you live in the eternal now, if you ever remember any of the aforementioned artists or their networks and captains for any reason, KNOW FOR SURE we all continue to thrive on this planet as immortals, with our beloved partners in harmony with our Creator, and all of creation, which is why we endorse that piece of literature “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise – The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time” heavily and we trust that you, your partner, your children, and their partners are living immortally the same.

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