Australian Skincare Brand Launches Anti-Pollution Initiative

Breezie, an Australian based skincare brand, has set out to not only protect people from the damaging effects of environmental pollution; they also want to protect the earth from the growing air pollution issue that affects the present generation and will have a serious impact on future generation. To make this all possible and most importantly to share awareness about the subject, Breezie has taken an anti-pollution initiative to the popular crowd funding platform Indiegogo, to raise $20,000AUD. Breezie has collaborated with the Earth Day Network charity to plant trees globally in order to make the better living environment for our next generation.

Talking about the serious threat many people including the upcoming generations around the world are facing, the Co-Founder Vanessa from Breezie said: “The air pollution has reached dangerous levels in many countries around the world and it has started to affect our everyday lives by deteriorating our skin health. Environmental pollutants including cigarette smoke, PM2.5, exhaust fumes and heavy metals generate free radicals that induce oxidative damage and put skin cells in a state of stress. That is why it is important to protect you and your kids’ skin on a daily basis with Breezie. We are running an Indiegogo campaign now for a charity: Earth Day Network, which aims to use the funds from the backers to plant trees globally in order to make the better living environment for our next generation.”

Citizens of the world need to act now if they want to preserve and improve environment for the next generation, everyone must do their parts, therefore Breezie invites the online crowd to assist them and Earth Day Network in planting the trees that will improve the future. Environmental pollution has risen at an alarming rate throughout the world, especially in the low-income regions mainly in Asia and the Western Pacific Region.

Breezie Skincare and Earth Day Network will be offering a variety of different perks and rewards to their generous contributors. Contributing $2.00 AUD to the campaign will be fully donated to Earth Day Network toward planting trees and trees will be donated by breezie for backing the daily defender skincare perks

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Breezie Skincare offers high quality products that will help protect the skin and health against the dangers of the environmental pollution. The company strives to give people and their family the very best by ensuring that their products are not only effective and of high quality, but also eco-friendly and limited the footprint.

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