Takihoo Launches Innovative LED Message Writing Board On Amazon

OTTAWA, CA – What purpose would technology serve, if not to make life easier – and help sustain the environment in the process? Takihoo managed to do both through the recent launch of its LED message writing board, which is available exclusively on amazon.ca.

Inkless and paperless, the company’s LED message writing board features a sleek, pad-like designed, and comes with a slim stylus pen, which is conspicuously stored along the pad’s top. Ultra-slim and ultra-light, the board can be carried effortlessly, while it can also be attached on any flat surface, using its two accompanying magnets.

“We wanted the product’s release to coincide with the busy, back-to-school shopping period, as our LED message writing board makes the perfect learning accessory for students of all ages” said Ms. Joyce Smith, Takihoo’s media representative. She continued, “The Takihoo LED message writing board is highly versatile, and seamlessly fits in with our customers’ lifestyle. Students, professionals, executives, and parents alike have reported that they use their LED message writing board for anything ranging from jotting down their grocery list, to taking notes while attending meetings.”

There are more product benefits worth to be noted: the Takihoo LED message writing board effectively does away with the need to consume paper of any kind, while it also can be erased and re-written for up to 50,000 times, during the lifetime of a single, replaceable, coin-cell sized battery.

Easy to clean and maintain, the LED message board’s screen, as well as its entire case, is made out of durable, shatter-proof and non-toxic plastic, making it a safe choice for continuous, daily use and handling.

As for the company’s guarantee? “Our customers can rest assured about their purchase, as all Takihoo LED message writing boards come with a 1-year limited warranty. And the best part? We have calculated that they can use it for an average of three years, before having to change its battery!” said Ms. Smith, concluding her statements.

To know more about Takihoo, please visit: https://www.amazon.ca/Takihoo-Message-MultiPurpose-Erasable-Paperless/dp/B074M6Q6B1/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505513747&sr=8-1&keywords=takihoo

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