Brian Cano Helms the Horsefly Chronicles House for National Ghost Hunting Day

Easton, PA – 18 Sep, 2017 – When Ghost Hunting Professionals from around the globe gather for the “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt,” sponsored by Florida based Haunted Journeys, they convene at a mythic location and let a master technician coordinate the data. Brian Cano, the renowned tech specialist from SyFy channel’s Haunted Collector will man the “Parapsychology Command Center” from the Horsefly Chronicles House in Easton, PA alongside owner/author Philip Siracusa and his wife Julia, who is also the team leader for 3 Fold Paranormal: Vanessa Hogle, Rachel Wagner and Los Angeles based consultant Marie Bargas.  

Now celebrating one-fiftieth of a century, the second annual event will take place on National Ghost Hunting Day, September 30, 2017. The “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt” benefits Historical Preservation efforts worldwide, assuring that no ghost is evicted for real estate development. Hundreds of Ghost Hunting Professionals from ten countries will be part of a Live-Stream showcasing paranormal investigations all over the world.  joined to put  The global event collaborating the efforts of hundreds of Ghost Hunting Professionals.

IT prodigies from OnStream Media customized a multi-media platform designed to capture the best images historical locations around the world have to offer. Known as “satellites,” these paranormal investigations will be conducted by some of the most respected and dedicated ghost hunting teams in existence within the most mysterious and oldest structures in the world. Thus far, ten countries are engaged, including Australia, Canada, England, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Scotland and 25 states in the USA!

Adding to the excitement will be the execution of a paranormal experiment named “The Bridge”. Quite possibly, this event will offer the largest platform ever to measure and evaluate the effects of collective consciousness on evidence of ghost presence. This experiment will be coordinated by Paranormal Database and helmed by Brian J. Cano, veteran parapsychologist, paranormal investigator, tech expert and co-star of Destination America’s  Haunted Collector. In addition, nationally respected Psychic Medium, Scotty Rorek, will guide the multitudes of worldwide teams, metaphysically, to the “The Bridge” to meet and exchange enhanced communication with the dead.  Cano, Rorek and Paranormal Database — with input from seasoned paranormal investigators, gifted sensitives and clairvoyants, and the curious public – will quantify, measure and catalog anomalous phenomena expected to occur during the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt. 

The Command Center, navigating and coordinating this massive endeavor, will be conducted in two separate locations, uniting (with 80+ teams) with the power of remote live streaming. The “Parapsychology Command Center”, led by Brian J. Cano, will be held at the Horsefly Chronicles House in Easton, PA.  The “Metaphysical Command Center, guided by Scotty Rorek will be located in the Old Baraboo Inn in Baraboo Wisconsin.

Joining this scientific exploration, para-scientist Bryan J. Williams, Ph.D., representing the Psychical Research Foundation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will coordinate a second experiment involving the theory of the effect of Global Consciousness on a paranormal investigation. It will measure the effect of this worldwide exploration on the energies surrounding mother earth, utilizing “Random Number Generator” data. Started last year in the event’s inception, this will hold a significant evidence-based contribution to this year’s research segment of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt.

The general public will be invited to watch all this activity via live streaming, where a “shotgun start” will simultaneously kick-off the search for paranormal evidence at locations across the United States and around the world.

Each “satellite” group will select a local beneficiary and raise funds by inviting the public to their paranormal investigation with a donation of $10-30 (depending on location) per attendee. With this affordable ticket price, attendees of all levels of ghost hunting experience will be able to have a great time exploring haunted properties safely with professional guidance and tools. Links for public donations will also be made available on each site’s OnStream Media page.

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