The Ultimate Online Entertainment Workspace is Creating a Major Buzz in The Industry is Becoming The Most Revolutionary Platform For Budding Entrepreneurs & Superstars in The Music World

Los Angeles, CA, USA – September 18, 2017 – Great news for the aspiring artists looking for work in the entertainment industry as offers some of the most amazing work opportunities. Founded in the January of 2012, the website is an all new all-in-one platform that helps people find work in the entertainment industry. Moreover, MusicFreelancer launched an open public beta in January 2017 after five years of research and development.

“Our core mission is to fix the current job system that is bottlenecking millions of people worldwide that are struggling to find work in the entertainment industry,” said Joe Viwatkurkul, the CoFounder of MusicFreelancer while talking about the platform’s mission. “Our platform allows people with an opportunity to connect and work straight from home while making good amount of money on a regular basis,” he added. Joe co-founded the company alongside Jack Charoenphanich and they have made a major impact in the industry of music, performing arts and freelancing.

In addition, this amazing project has been designed to help students, amateurs and veterans in the industry to make money with their passion and creativity. Moreover, freelancers can bid on their work instantly and distribute their music to top digital platform. They can also sell and buy songs while also featuring their gigs and offering their services in many ways. Signing up is very easy and payment system is secure as well as fair. The testimonials and reviews shared by all buyers and sellers on this online marketplace have been phenomenal and more are signing up each day.

Followed by the signing up and profile creation of a new user, the system algorithm of the website lets employers from around the world know about his or her skills and criteria. Moreover, there is absolutely no resume or interview required and employers can directly invite their employees to work with them on new projects with a fair workroom system. Furthermore, the online workplace can also be accessed using the upcoming Android and iOS applications on smartphones. In a nutshell, this inspiring platform will revolutionize the world of creativity in music and will give rise to many superstars of the future in the days to come. Another amazing fact is that signup is free for all users and the company is welcoming everyone to join today.

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