A New Digital Currency Has Been Launched – Social Activity Token (SAT)

Social Activity Token (SAT) is a new digital currency designed for use within Sphere

The Digital Currency world has got something to celebrate with the launch of a brand-new cryptocurrency. Since the first cryptocurrency was launched in 2009, there has never been as much excitement as there has been with this new digital currency.

Sphere (https://sphere.social) new digital currency is called Social Activity Token (SAT) which can be used within the Sphere platform. Sphere is a next generation, decentralized social network that aims to become the largest and most trusted decentralized social network in the world. Since the platform was launched, it has been written about by many different publications, and has been talked about and shared on social media; creating a real buzz.

Social Activity Token (SAT) is not like other digital currencies. For one, all those who hold a SAT token will have a share of the company’s profits. This has become one of the biggest talking points when news broke out about the new cryptocurrency. Sphere aims to generate a real family, with people working together with one result, and that is to create the most exciting digital platform and currency in the world where everyone will profit.

A spokesman for Sphere said: “Our cryptocurrency is going to become one of the most talked about and written about digital currencies in the world. We want to involve people within our platform and allow them to feel a part of our business. As well as sharing in the profits, we want them to feel a part of something special.”

To show how serious Sphere is in making people feel a part of their business, and how serious they are about helping people to earn money, they have launched a special promotion that will benefit people financially.

“We are offering people the chance to earn 100 ST Tokens or $5 USD simply by referring family and friends to our platform,” explained a spokesman.

To learn more about Sphere and their new currency, please visit https://sphere.social

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Sphere is the new generation of social network. They are creating a decentralized social network based on blockchain technologies, where members take back the power with every click and every social connection. Don’t forget to join our upcoming ICO by visiting https://sphere.social/

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