Shenzhen Liese Technology Co., Ltd Announces The Release Of Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case And Power Bank For Worldwide Samsung Smartphone Users

Shenzhen Liese Technology Co., Ltd has acquired a high degree of specialization in manufacturing power banks and charger cases for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case.

Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the largest manufacturer and seller of a wide range of smartphones as well as numerous other electronics and electrical gadgets. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a powerful and performance tab is one of the highest selling digital gadgets of the company. Users of the product can bank upon battery cases and power banks manufactured by firms certified by Samsung for getting the best out of their tabs. They can use the Galaxy Note 8 battery case produced by Shenzhen Liese Technology Co based in China’s Guangdong province, apart from the OEM component outfitted on their tablets.

The Galaxy Note 8 Charger Case from Shenzhen Liese Technology Co., Ltd comes with a range of versatile features and functionalities. This charger case has been designed intelligently so that it fully optimizes with the original gadget. It has a 5500mAh capacity rating making it supremely suitable for extended use. This charging comes with an inbuilt lithium polymer battery that can provide the juice for running the audio for an additional 60 hours, allows users to talk for 30 extra hours, watch videos for 25 hours, browse for 18 hours, and play 3D games for 6 hours. To put it in a nutshell, with the Scenekid charger fitted to the Galaxy Note 8, one can leave on protracted business trips and long family vacations.

Galaxy Note 8 battery case

The Galaxy Note 8 Charger Case has an elevated energy density, devoid of any memory effect, has an excellent conversion rate, slow rate of decay and obsolescence, and has been designed for an extensive lifespan. At the same, it features an innovative IC (integrated circuit) design that makes the case completely immune from short-circuits, overtime charges, overcharges, and over discharges. The battery charger case retains its effectiveness even in the most extreme of operating conditions. The 360˚ all encompassing bumper-resistant design together with the hard-shell back plate ensures that the tab remains in one piece in case it is dropped accidently.

The inbuilt rubberized support pads of the charger case act a perfect shock absorber. The openings made into the Galaxy Note 8 Power Bank enable instant access to ports and knobs of the tab including the charging port, cameras, and headphone jack. The design is perfectly user friendly and has been developed as per the evolving needs of the customers.

About Shenzhen Liese Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Liese Technology Co., Ltd is involved in production of a wide variety of battery charge cases and power banks. The company is based in China and caters to customers from across the world. For more details about their products or to place an order online, please visit their website.

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