The Third Global Social Entrepreneur Ecological Forum was successfully closed

2017 is a year which happened many big events that Trump officially took office, the negotiate of Brexit has started, France and Germany held the general election successivel, and the government of South Korea changed the term of office.So the situation of the world had been changed again; and the challenge of world’s indefinite event or unpredictability risk about the world economy and diversified challenge become more serious. What’s more, the contradiction of the domestic overcapacity and the upgrade of pattern of demand still are prominent, and the power of the economic growth is not strong.

What should social enterprises do to turn the corner and “ brave the wind and the waves”?

The Third Global Social Entrepreneur Ecological Forum which with the theme of “Bearing the Mission of The Era and Jointly Building the Ecosystem” was held successful in Beijing from September 9th to September 11th.There was gather many bosses in Political, business, media and renowned scholars for providing the mode of thinking for building ecological civilization economy.

Which base on the social responsibility of entrepreneurs.

“The Global Social Entrepreneur Ecological Forum” is co-sponsored by Beijing Huaxia Management School, BIZMEDIA GROUP, AIRMEDIA GROUP, BRIGHT OCEANS CORPORATION, ROAD RAILWAY MEDIA and SUN MEDIA GROUP. The forum provided a platform which full communication for forum guests by keynotes and round table meeting and so forth.

The forum has received wide attention from people from all walks of life, a number of guests which at home and abroad attended the forum. Richard Liu from JOYBUY and Rupert Hoogewerf who founded Hurun Report offered their Congratulations to the forum. Many power guests like the ex-president of Frence Nicolas Sarkozy, the ex-president of Germany Christian Wilhelm Walter Wulff and Famous investor Jim Rogers attended the keynotes and the round table meeting.

Zhou Zhonghua give keynote speeches

Zhou Zhonghua, the people who is the sponsor of “The Global Social Entrepreneur Ecological Forum”, the CEO of BIZMEDIA GROUP and the chief editor of a mgazine named, he said that only institutional media can continue to provide the most valuable quality for our time in his speech. We need to really get into the enterprise and get the first hand resource in the complex business environment. Meanwhile, only some media like BIZMEDIA can continue processing real material deeply. Actually, BIZMEDIA Insist on doing it for 23 years!

Jiang Lanxin give the opening speech.

Jiang Lanxin, the people who is the sponsor of “The Global Social Entrepreneur Ecological Forum”, the Chairman and founder of ShiHua Group said, I hope to run an enterprise that can achieve the mission of society, social responsibility, social value and social ecology. In other words, we can solve social problems and achieve social values, and we can form the enterprises which have social meaning in the management of enterprise. And we can make Individual career , value and meaning to be sublimed for the social’s level.

Famous scholar Yu Dan said , Chinese want to find peace must get from family, because only come back to family can you know a family has it’s rules, and it is adapt to lead team during the days at home. Sometimes, there are some bad words, for example, the Chinese word “Hai”, which contain three horizontals and one vertical, which means damage. he vertical represent the man who is selfish and harsh in the family, these three horizontals represent the man who is kind and tolerant。But if there is a bad people like the “vertical” in the family, the family can’t be happy. The status is “Hai”. There is a “vertical” people in a family’s sisters-in-law or a son-in-law who make their milord angry, and the high – and middle-level management of the team often has its own standard, egoism and the people who are willing to hurt others to reject the team, they must be disaster if they say something.

It’s very important to avoid misspeaking, if not, there will be many troubles.

The events of The Global Entrepreneurs Ecological Forum

What is more noteworthy is that the ex-president of France Nicolas Sarkozy and the ex-president of Germany Christian Wilhelm Walter Wulff spoke and attended the round table meeting with other Chinese entrepreneurs on the first day and second day in turn. And the event received a great response.

The global economic situation is complex and changeable, new variables and new formats are also rising rapidly with the help of “Internet plus”.

The Global Entrepreneurs Ecological Forum virtually establishes a bridge, connecting the past, the present and the future, redefines the attributes of entrepreneurs and guides a new way. All the entrepreneurs should jointly practice the mission with their heart, bear the responsibilities with their efforts, respect and protect the nature, the society and the environment, which we rely on them, and unite the strength to let more enterprises pay attention to social responsibilities and ecological civilization.

As President Xi Jinping pointed out at the Belt and Road Initiative Summit Forum “Today, under the condition of countries linking with each other and constant global challenges, no country can stay alone and solve the problems we are facing. Only if docking with countries’ policies, integrating the economic key elements and development resources, we can form one power to promote peace and common development of the world.” In the same way, when we run enterprise, we need win-win cooperation.

Mr. Sarkozy, former president of France

Chinese entrepreneurs are key actors for China’s economic success. China can achieve remarkable achievements based on your work and your dare to take adventure.

We know China’s major enterprises and major groups, but we do not know these Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs), you are the key to China’s economy.

Pattern perspectives, innovation, leadership status, these three keywords can summarize the Chinese entrepreneurs’ mission, which the entrepreneurs should bear.

“The Belt and Road Initiative” is not a simple project, but it is a perspective, is a Chinese perspective to view globalization.

China is one of the most important economies of the world. Your wisdom, your work ability, your perseverance, your patriotica, the economic development built by you are appreciated by the world.

European entrepreneurs of young generation hope that they can create a truly win-win condition for China and Europeans.

To be successful, you do not have to get a very high academic education. To notice some German celebrities, you will find that many successful people were workers. Education doesn’t mean that you learn in a well-known or time- honored university, for example Schroeder (former German Prime Minister), when he was 14 years old, he started to be a business apprentice.

Why do we like the Chinese people? Because we like their optimistic spirit. When you came to China, you will see a lot of smiling faces, and you will see the Chinese people are fond of innovation.

I know that many well-known entrepreneurs in China have an ordinary family background. These entrepreneurs have one characteristic that they have responsibilities to their customers, employees, products and partners. Thus, they are willing to cultivate some talents to feedback the society.

The nineteenth century was the century of England, the twentieth century was the century of the United States, the twenty-first century will be China’s. Many Western countries do not want to see China’s growth, but they can do nothing, China will inevitably grow.

When Chinese stocks fall, I will invest more Chinese stocks in these field, which have more investment opportunities, especially in the field of pollution cleaning and tourism. In the past 35 years, many citizens got income; I think, in the next 35 years, the urban population will get income.

I will put more investments in the health and medical care field.

I hope my kids can see that we have so many Chinese stocks, so we are very rich. If the Chinese stock fall again, I will purchase more Chinese stock.

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