12 Must-Have Items for a Bug Out Bag, According to HAGA

“The ultimate bug out bag for survival preppers”
Home and Garden America lists the 12 most essential items that preppers should include in their bug out bags.

Carson City, NV – September 19, 2017 – When it comes to survival gear, the bug out bag is the ultimate item that every prepper should have. Survival preparedness experts like Home and Garden America (HAGA) strongly recommend packing a bug out bag for it contains all the supplies necessary to survive any disaster situation.

“Packing the right bug out bag is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. If you ever find yourself trapped in an unexpected survival situation, you’ll be eternally grateful that you cared to pack a bug out bag because it can truly mean the difference between life and death,” said a representative from HAGA.

For most people, there’s often a misconception that packing a bug out bag is too complicated but in reality, it’s actually pretty easy. Ready-made bags can be bought from the nearest store, but those who want a more customized pack can easily make one with just 12 essential survival items.

According to HAGA, the 12 must-have items include the following:

• Survival knife for self-defense, cutting, trap setting, skinning and cooking
• Multi-tool to open cans, strip wires and perform other general functions
• Non-perishable food that family members will eat
• Water filter kit to disinfect and purify water for drinking
• Physical and digital copies of important documents and identification
• Flashlight with extra batteries for an emergency light source
• Proper clothes for different weather conditions
• Sleeping bag to stay warm and dry against the elements
• Pack of survival seeds to grow a continuous supply of food
• First aid kit to treat wounds, infections and certain ailments
• Toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and other basic toiletries
• Fire starter and matches to build a fire for cooking and staying warm

While many bug out bags are now commercially available at survival supply stores, the HAGA representative advises preppers to pack their own bags as much as possible. “Buying a bug out bag is very convenient but personally, I like to pack my own because then I can really customize the contents according to my family’s specific needs. I’ve even included a first aid kit and pet food for my dogs to ensure that the survival needs of the entire family are met.”

He also notes that more survival items can be added as long as the basics have been secured first. Additional items can be a battery-powered radio, blanket, compass, cooking pot, cord, duct tape, headlamp, medicinal herbs, scissors, surgical mask, temporary shelter and whistle.

“Just make sure your bag’s not too heavy because in an extreme survival situation, you’ll most likely be carrying it around from one place to another. You want it to be complete but portable at the same time,” he further remarked.

Preppers can learn more about bug out bags and other survival items at homeandgardenamerica.com.

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