Demartini Method Facilitator Debz Cooper Simplifies Home and Workplace Issues

Human Behavior Coach Debz Cooper, a Master Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator, simplifies the issue of depression without being clinical. She was the featured speaker on Influencers Radio show.

Debz Cooper, a Master Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator from New Zealand, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. She specializes in helping people clarify home and workplace issues which are impacting their lives negatively.

When someone experiences a devastating event in their lives, it’s common for them to feel as if they’re the only ones this has happened to. They feel isolated and don’t know what to do. Stress starts to build and in their mind their situation worsens. Over time, this can often manifest itself physically, with dire consequences.

Cooper points out that depression is often a result of the reality of a situation, versus an unrealistic expectation that person had of that situation. This can manifest itself in young children, as well as adults of any age.

A feeling of overwhelm can be another way to describe depression. The issues which may cause overwhelm or depression are very personal and may not impact others in the same way.

Cooper shares some personal memories of childhood incidents that were devastating to her. With her training, she is able to recall them and dissect them with a virtual microscope and examine what caused the problems and how she resolved them.

One of the strategies Cooper uses is helping someone find the good that has come from a situation.

Cooper shares, “Shame and guilt will ruin you until you learn to live with it and deal with it. Be grateful for what you’ve done. Count your blessings. Be grateful for what you’ve got because you don’t know what’s around the corner.”

Look at what happened and what was done as a result of that incident and find the good in it.

“It’s about what blessings happened from whatever challenges happened to you. What blessings can you take out of it? Be grateful for this and move forward,” shares Cooper.

She also feels that very often the shame and guilt that someone experiences comes from the fear of what others are going to think. It’s not necessarily something that’s internal to the person. Realizing that this is something external to them can help someone turn the situation around in their head and realize it’s not as bad as they thought it was.

Cooper feels strongly that people comparing themselves to others, and having unrealistic expectations, contributes strongly to the problems they experience. Further, she feels that everyone does it – young and old, even celebrities and executives.

Helping someone realize their own positive skills and value can turn a situation around.  It is also wise for them to find the blessing in the challenge and the positive things that can come from that. Often, the situation can become even better than had originally been planned.

Cooper is skilled at showing people a perspective that is so much greater, brighter and more optimistic than they would ever be able to see for themselves.

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