Relive the Fun and Excitement of the 80s and 90s Era with retro classic games

Daniel Peris Molina has announced the new emulator

Game lovers all over the world can now enjoy the classic games of the 80s and the 90s free of charge without having to make any dangerous downloads directly on their browsers. This is the best news for all those who are trying to relive the excitement and the gaming fun of the 80s and the 90s. They can now easily play hundreds of classic games across several gaming platforms of the 80s and 90s on one platform without having to worry about security and safety while playing. With my emulator, players can now have the best of the gaming world of the old world brought back to life. They can now enjoy the action and have all the fun that they want to have for as long as they want to.

Daniel Peris Molina made this huge announcement to rapturous reception among the people who were present at the event, GmingCon. The event was organized by a group of passionate gamers from all the continents of the world. The event was aimed at preserving the ethics and the ideals of the gaming world and in preserving the best games of the past decades. One of the major topics up for discussion at the event was the subject of emulators online. It was agreed at the event that most of the emulators online that were available on the internet were not delivering the best of what they could deliver and that there was a swift need for passionate gamers to take up the responsibility of giving the world the best emulators. Thiswas discussed until Daniel stepped on the stage to do a demo of his new emulator. After the demonstration of what is possible with the “my emulator” that he has made, the whole place was filled with excitement and applause. Those who have been championing the cause for the preservation of classic games could not hide their excitement at the development.

One of the people who were at the event and who witnessed the demonstration of the said that he was so excited that he immediately went to the site and started playing his favorite Super Mario game right there at the event. Another attendee also said, “I was surprised by how friendly the website is and how easy Daniel had made having access to the best classic games that we used to play. We have never had it this good and this easy.” Dave Hill, one of the advocates for the preservation of retro games said, “The gaming world is very grateful to Daniel for making hundreds of great classic games across all platforms available free of charge. This is the greatest service that anyone has done to the gaming world in a long time.” Daniel himself was happy with the reception of the myemulator.Online platform saying that he “could not wish for any reception better than what I have seen today and it shows that we are on the right track.”

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