Millennials Are Quitting Their Jobs To Start A Business From The Support Of This \’New Age\’ Entrepreneur

A New Breed Of Leaders Are Empowering The Millennials Like Never Before

September 19, 2017 – Renowned entrepreneur and mentor to thousands of millennials, Jeremy Haynes continues to spread the message of hope and courage through his talks and work. Jeremy is the CEO of Megalodon Marketing, an accomplished Digital Agency owner, and is known as @Jeremy on instagram. He’s taken on a recent mission to spread the word to millennials around the world to quit their jobs and take up running one of these ‘digital agencies.’ The lifelong mission of Jeremy and others trying to be like him are to empower those struggling from lack of knowing what they don’t yet know about how to quit their ordinary jobs and starting a new journey of accomplishing greater goals in life.

“I see a great potential in millennials and they can unlock it simply by building up courage to be the masters of their own destiny,” said Jeremy while talking about his vision. “The older generation is trying to hold us back with the trends and traditions that they have set and I hope to show those confined by not knowing how to get out of the ‘system’ and into entrepreneurship exactly what they need to know to make it possible,” he added. Jeremy believes in the personal and professional empowerment of the youth, so that they can accomplish the impossible and he is joining forces with the thousands of millennials at his side.

Leaders such as Jeremy Haynes are becoming social icons who are leading by example and showing the way to the new generation. Moreover, this generation of influencers believes in taking and showing the right direction by truth rather than blinding the youth with rented exotic cars, lush homes and private jets. Furthermore, they are on a mission to redefine the information sources of those who are 15-34. According to Jeremy, these people need to know that the icons they follow are old and lack modern information that works.

“Millennials need to follow an icon that is still doing what they show others to do. I’m 23, and have a background publicly documenting the steps I’ve taken to go from sitting on suitcases for furniture with $125 in my bank account and my airbed popping bi-weekly for months, to crushing $500k in my first year running my ‘digital agency’ at age 22. Nobody showed me what to do, how to do it or gave me what I needed and that’s why I do,” said Jeremy while talking about his vision as a mentor to thousands. “I want our new generation to be relentless, be strong and know everything,” he added. Jeremy is giving to the community big time and people truly love him and his work.

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