October release Out of nothing chronicles motorcycle land speed racing

Uncork’d Entertainment premieres the film on VOD

From the Pacific Northwest to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, Out of Nothing is the inspiring true story of four tenacious men who risk everything to conquer the world records of motorcycle land speed racing. Their extraordinary journey will remind you how perseverance against all odds can send the most unlikely men roaring into glory.

Premiering on digital October 3 from Uncork’d Entertainment, Out of Nothing boasts an impressive crew behind and in-front of the camera including producers Ryan Stiles (The Drew Carey Show, Two and-a-Half Men) and Andrew Lahmann, director Chad DeRosa, and brothers Mark and Carl Bjorklund, Jason Omer and Bill Woods.

“I had no interest in motorcycles,” Lahmann said in a recent interview. “But then I watched it and saw the human story and realized it wasn’t about landspeed racing, it was about four guys following their dreams and that was something I really connected with.”

Out of Nothing premieres October 3 on Digital.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/cr_E4YKa2tA

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