A Book Predicts the fall of the NFL, Disney & ESPN

The book God vs. The NFL predicts which companies will suffer some great financial losses in 2017 because of their partnership with the LGBT community.

Washington DC – Both the NFL and Disney have been in the news this year because of their partnerships with the LGBT community. Whether Disney using the classic movie, Beauty and the Beast to help promote homosexuality or the NFL using the Super Bowl to help persuade Texas not to pass a bathroom bill that they feel discriminates against transgenders. These and other events represent a growing trend: Corporate America is siding with LGBT community over the Bible as far as defining things such as marriage and sexuality.

Despite being warned by the religious community of the dangerous consequences of helping push traditional family values out of our society, the NFL and a growing number of organizations have ignored warnings to stop promoting ungodly lifestyles. The book God vs. The NFL predicts Disney, the NFL and several other organizations will suffer some great financial losses in 2017as they turn their backs on the God of the Bible as they help to promote homosexuality.  For example, the book God vs. The NFL predicted that Disney will suffer a public relation crisis at one of their theme parks that will lead to great financial losses.

As the NFL struggles with low TV ratings, Mr. Dockett had this to say: “Back in spring of 2016, I started having visions that God was going to punish corporations who have aligned themselves with the LGBT community. In these visions, I received a list of three companies (ESPN, NFL and Disney) who I believe will collapse by the end of 2018 if they don’t turn towards God and away from doing things like fighting against religious liberty bills and lobbying for more gay rights. I’m not surprised at the troubles the NFL is going through. I believe things will get worse for both NFL and Disney as they lose God’s favor.”

To find out more about God vs. The NFL and this awareness campaign, people can log onto godvsthenfl.com or email Kymo Dockett at info@godvsthenfl.com.

About 2-Minute Warning Ministries:

2-Minute Warning Ministries launched in summer of 2017 is designed to warn people of the devastating consequences of a world without traditional family values. This campaign is aimed at helping to keep sports leagues accountable as a growing number of organizations are helping to push Christian values out of our society.

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