My Treatment Lender Partners with eHome Aftercare to Help Those Struggling with Drug and Alcohol Recovery

eHome Aftercare, a comprehensive, innovative solution for addiction treatment facilities and their patients, is now partnering with My Treatment Lender, a personalized lending company dedicated to helping those affected by drug and alcohol addiction pay for rehabilitation services.

Brad Rex, President and CEO of eHome Aftercare, states, “eHome Aftercare is proud to partner with My Treatment Lender to make our innovative family and addiction patient counseling program available to everyone. We are bringing the best technologies, highest quality counselors, and most effective therapies available today to help stop the insidious addiction epidemic in our country.”

eHome Aftercare combines a treatment center’s compassionate inpatient treatment with state-of-the-art family and outpatient counseling. The services include a variety of benefits to the patient and his or her family through video and text, allowing a patient and their family to meet with a counselor anytime and anywhere.

By partnering with eHome Aftercare, My Treatment Lender is offering affordable lending to those already suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. My Treatment Lender helps with copays, high deductibles and overall treatment costsbeating any competitor’s rates. Thousands of patients and their families are seeking treatment for these diseases and often need help. The best treatment can seem expensive and out of reach. My Treatment lender aims to challenge this idea with their personalized lending solutions. With simple questions and a quick look at your financial history, My Treatment Lender can help put together a plan and loan to minimize treatment costs so that patients can look forward to a brighter, healthier life.

Adlai Rust, CEO of My Treatment Lender, said, “I’m pleased to announce our partnership with eHome Aftercare, so that we can provide clients with financing to help with the costs associated with the eHome Aftercare program. I, for one, believe that the true work for long-term recovery begins after the client is discharged from their residential treatment center.”

About eHome Aftercare

The eHome Aftercare solution provides access to family counseling and aftercare in a state-of-the-art, technology advantaged, and high engagement process with convenience, confidentiality, counselor accessibility and proven effectiveness, at a very reasonable cost. Our proprietary program includes Deep Mind Insight™ assessments; Sixth Sense™ counselors; HIPAA compliant video, text, online scheduling and EMR systems; and, SOBER101™ elearning. We invite progressive, world-class addiction treatment centers to join us on a journey to revolutionize our industry and serve addiction clients with excellence.

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About My Treatment Lender

My Treatment Lender is the only recovery-based lending company in the country. We provide loans to people who are in need of rehabilitation for substance abuse. We can help clients cover the cost of co-pays, high deductibles, or their entire stay. Our motto is “Where Recovery Comes First”. We put our clients and their recovery first, before any financial considerations or anything else for that matter. We believe that people don’t have to suffer from mental health issues, alcoholism, or drug addiction. There is a solution. By providing loans for treatment, we hope to be able to give people who want to recover the best chance possible.

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