janom, a European private equity company becomes the major shareholder of Wattstor, one of the UK’s leading energy storage & energy management companies

We are excited to announce that janom, a European private equity company that partnered with Wattstor at the end of last year has become its majority owner.

As one company, janom and Wattstor can create fully integrated residential, commercial, and grid-scale solutions that will innovate the way energy is managed, stored, and consumed. By joining forces, the two companies can operate more efficiently while aiming to become the market leading technology company in the Energy Storage and Energy Management sector.

Coming soon, a revolutionary, AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered device, programmed to control where and when the energy is used, and able to turn on equipment when electricity is free or cheap, limiting the export of electricity back to the grid is expected to be released in Q4 2017.

With these innovative solutions and products, the two companies confirm their highly-technological and international capability and will further develop its long and successful footprint.

Thanks to janom’s support and extensive experience in the technology and R&D sector that will create the background for the expansion of Wattstor, the two parties will work hand in hand to bring new and innovative solutions to the market and energetics of the future.

Joules: a standardized home and small & medium enterprises energy storage system that will enable owners to make the most of their renewable energy will be ready for launch in Q1 2018.

About Wattstor

Wattstor Ltd, founded in January 2013, is one of the UK’s leading home energy storage companies which provides expertise in the design and supply of bespoke energy storage solutions, both off and on grid to domestic and commercial clients in the UK. Since the first Wattstor systems were installed, the company has helped in shaping technical guidance and safety standards in the UK.

About janom

janom is a Slovak private equity company, focusing on long-term investments in innovative projects with a vision of sustainability, renewable energy resources and the IT sector. Janom is active in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, USA and Canada, and has strong links with technological universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Janom is also an official sponsor of Quick–Step Floors Cycling Team.

For more information, contact:

Peter Vrábel, CEO
Cell: +421 903 484 997

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