ADSVP will open the blockchain+ era

The blockchain marks the way people enter the real trust of the Internet. Blockchain technology can build an efficient and reliable transmission system, make the Internet the network infrastructure to build social trust, the effective delivery of value is realized. it is called value Internet. ADSVP provides a new type of social trust mechanism. The innovation of “blockchain +” indicates the new direction of industrial innovation and public service. The blockchain technology has been deployed worldwide and it has great application prospect in the optimization of public service and social mechanism.

In the public service, ADSVP is developing applications in areas such as public administration, social security, intellectual property management and protection, land ownership management, etc. It helps to increase public participation, reduce the cost of social operations, and improve the quality and efficiency of social management. In terms of economic social, ADSVP can improve existing business rules, build new industrial models and improve the efficiency of collaborative circulation.

Both central Banks and commercial Banks, as well as the United Nations, the international monetary fund and many government research institutions in the world, have paid great attention to blockchain +.The blockchain provides systematic support for economic social transformation and upgrading.

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