The financial sector will be overturned

ADSVP provides high availability and extensible blockchain application infrastructure. Partners in various fields can quickly build an application of the upper blockchain to help them focus on business and business model operations. 

Financial services industry is the driving force of global economic development, and the industry with the highest degree of centralization. The information asymmetry between the two parties in the financial market leads to the inability to establish an effective credit mechanism. There are a large number of centralized credit intermediaries in the industrial chain, which slows down the operation efficiency of the system and increases the cost of capital.

The blockchain technology provides potential for decentralizing trust mechanisms and has the potential to change the financial infrastructure. All kinds of financial assets, such as equity, bonds, bills, warehouse receipts, and fund shares can be integrated into the blockchain ledger and become the digital assets of the chain, to store, transfer, and trade. For example, there are typical applications of cross-border payments, insurance claims, securities trading, and bills.

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