Many areas will be based on the ADSVP platform

Blockchain technology is developing rapidly around the world. The security features and trust mechanism of blockchain will become an important technology engine for developing digital economy. It can play an important role in multi-industry field, with great potential for industrial application.

ADSVP provides an application platform for blockchain that is highly available and extensible. partners can quickly build the upper block chain application in various fields by this platform. It makes it easier for users, merchants, and organizations to diversify their application scenarios.

The real value of ADSVP lies in promoting consensus among the centralised institutions in multiple industries, which form a business ecosystem of multiple centers. It greatly simplifies the cost.

ADSVP adopts the efficient adaptive consensus algorithm. And other links in the transaction confirmation process are optimized.

Blockchain protects user privacy by multiple privacy protection schemes. Transaction data is stored in an encrypted form, only visible to the user.

The application of ADSVP block chain foundation platform, including monetary, financial, economic and social fields.

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