Creative Revolver Wins 2017 dotCOMM Award

Ryan Dugger, owner of Creative Revolver.
Chattanooga-based visual studio, Creative Revolver won the 2017 dotCOMM Platinum Award for Music Video Director. The dotCOMM Awards are an international competition, instituted to honor excellence in web creativity and digital communications.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Chattanooga, TN – Creative Revolver is a visual studio known for its editorial photos, stylish videos, and unique graphics. The company has recently developed a reputation for innovative visual imagery, landing them in the running—and later winning a prestigious “dotCOMM Platinum Award” in the category of Music Video Director. The accolade is something that principle photographer and owner, Ryan Dugger is extremely proud of. Over recent years, Dugger has worked to build a reputation in photography, graphics, and film. Creative Revolver is known for capturing a brand’s essence and then taking it to the next level visually. Dugger’s ability to consistently deliver value has enabled him to work with brands as diverse as Estee Lauder and Keller Williams Realty. Winning the dotCOMM award validated his choice to focus his energies on visual artistry, turning a beloved hobby into a vibrant and expanding business.

Energy, passion, and enthusiasm are what make his real estate photos look just as beautiful as his wedding portraits. For Dugger, it’s not so much about the act of taking photos and videos but creating an artistic expression of a person or brand that will resonate emotionally with those viewing the images.

“I think that everyone who is successful in life has a passion for what it is that they do,” says Dugger, “but passion needs a focus in order to harness it into something viable. My focus is on storytelling. I have never just ‘taken pictures’ or ‘filmed a wedding.’ I captured an event or person on film or video; I told their story. People respond to stories. That’s how you sell a real estate, that’s how you take wedding photos that last, and it’s how you can use an image to sell a brand.”

Today, Creative Revolver is a thriving visual studio, specializing in real estate photography, commercial photography, and video marketing, as well as, music video production and wedding films. The small studio has won several different awards for videography, including the aforementioned 2017 dotComm (Platinum) Award for Music Video Director.  When asked about his recent win and the approach he takes to photography, Dugger explained that it starts with not seeing yourself as a photographer but a storyteller. His ability to see and then tell that story in images is what Dugger believes drives clients to choose one business over another.

Prior to opening Creative Revolver, Dugger was a stay-at-home dad. It was being in the presence of children and observing their creativity and wonder that returned him to his former hobby of photography. Eventually, he earned enough money from taking photos and shooting videos to switch places with his wife. According to Dugger, he and his wife share the belief that family is more than just a unit, but a team working towards the same long-distance goals. The encouragement from his wife and children were what prompted Dugger to take that leap of faith and move into photography full-time.

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to have the ability to work in a field that I truly love and still be a hands on parent to my children,” says Dugger. “I started down this path back in high school when I would help out friends in bands by creating their promotions and videos. I just love creating. One of the secrets to being successful in business, I believe, is to love what you do. When you enjoy something, regardless of what that activity may be, you bring positive energy to it and that energy will shine through in your final product.”

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