San Jose Beautiful Body Offers Bespoke Personal Training Sessions To Fast-Track Fitness Success

SAN JOSE, CA – What does it take to build a beautiful body? Ms. Janey Rykowski has all the answers – and gladly provides them through her bespoke personal training services, through her famed business, San Jose Beautiful Body. Having helped hundreds of clients get started on their road to wellness, Ms. Rykowski offers, in addition to personal training sessions, dietary planning services, and fitness gear personal shopping consultations.

Ms. Rykowski knows the struggles that come with fitness all too well: she, herself, embarked on a journey to wellness many years ago, and experienced, firsthand, the trials and tribulations that come with it. Coming out leaner, stronger, and more determined than ever before, Ms. Rykowski found her true calling working as a personal trainer, and passes down the wisdom she gained while she improved her diet, fitness regimen, and overall lifestyle.

“The truth is, with good training, a good diet, and the right trainer, anyone can have their dream body”, said Ms. Rykowski. She continued, “Having over 15 years of experience working as a personal trainer, I am well adept at recognizing each client’s individual needs. Personal training is about taking a holistic approach to fitness, and, for that reason, I work closely with each client to come up with a custom plan, which includes diet and exercise, to address whatever problems might be holding them back from getting farther ahead in their quest to becoming their best selves.”

San Jose Beautiful Body is open 6 AM – 12 AM, 7 days a week. Those wishing to book a personal training session can visit San Jose Beautiful Body’s premises, or call (669) 231-8700, during business hours.

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