Smart Bracelets are Finally Here: Wenwen Jewelry Launches World’s First Intelligent Bracelets

Smart bracelets are finally here. What if that exquisite bracelet worn on the wrist also doubled up as a messenger and alerter? After embedding bracelets with artificial intelligence, Wenwen Jewelry has announced the launch of its multi-purpose smart bracelets through its crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter.

Gorgeous and intelligent, the world’s first bracelet powered with smart capabilities is now here. Designed for both men and women and for all ages, the smart bracelets can serve several functions, including call reminders, sending a love message, or even SOS alerts in case of an emergency.

The Wenwen CEO Chen said, “Our jewelry market has grown by a margin of 20 percent in the past three years. We have therefore decided to treat our customers with the newest and most classic form of wrist bracelet.”

The multi-purpose, smart bracelet is equipped to carry out a number of tasks. It can use a Bluetooth signal to vibrate or flicker to remind of incoming phone calls or social app messages, and store specific contacts in its app for customized alerts. The smart bracelet can be used to exchange whispers and love messages by simply tapping the bracelet and touching it to receive the message and respond. The bracelet can store text, audio and video messages. When the user formalizes the relationship, the bracelet can send a bind on entering the partner’s ID. The bracelet also shows the duration of the relationship through pictures on the homepage.

The smart bracelet also comes to the rescue during emergencies. Users can set up their emergency response in provided apps. The sender’s bracelet gem vibrates for over six minutes to confirm that the SOS signal has been sent, while the receiver obtains the location and phone number details. In case of the user losing his/her phone, the bracelet sends out an alert whenever the phone is over ten meters away from the user.

The bracelet with artificial intelligence is a complete package with many other interesting features such as taking a selfie by simply shaking the bracelet, changing display and lighting effects, conveying secret messages to specific contacts, and measuring steps taken in a day.

Wenwen Jewelry started some years back and has received many awards for being the most creative and innovative jewelry firm in both the business and global innovation categories. Their mission is to create the best, most gorgeous and intelligent jewelry for customers.

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