Her Whey Bars is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors

Our Her Whey bars come in three different flavors: Cookie Dough, Lemon Cake, and Maple Cinnamon Roll.
Her Whey Lean Proteins bars are the most delicious tasting bars on the market, contain just 190 calories, and pack 20g of lean whey protein. Her Whey bars currently come in three different flavors: Cookie Dough, Maple Cinnamon Roll, and Lemon cake.

The “Her Whey” Lean Protein Bar provides the customer with an on-the-go healthy and delicious tasting low fat, low carbohydrate, high protein snack. All of our bars are extremely appealing to the female demographic and have proved extremely successful throughout convenience and brick and mortar stores because our bars packaging jumps out at the female demographic then upon taking a closer look they will see that each bar contains just 190 calories while packing in 20g of lean whey protein. All of our bars are free of hydrogenated oils, gluten free, and free of soy proteins.

Cookie Dough: Pieces of rich, soft chocolate chunks and buttery dough baked into a milk loving, cookie flavored center. Our Her Whey Cookie Dough flavor is better tasting than licking the dough right off of the spoon while being completely guilt free.

Maple Cinnamon Roll: A swirl of soft dough oozing with buttery maple brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon to tease the tastebuds. We have lall grown up loving cinnamon buns but we are now on a mission to maintain a lean physique. You can now enjoy our Maple Cinnamon Roll bar flavor guilt free, packing 20 grams of protein without the extra calories and sugar.

Lemon Cake: Take a slie of a fresh moist and dense lemon cake infused with a fresh lemon glaze, add 20g of lean protein and remove the extra calories coming from fat and sugar and viola, you have the Her Whey Lemon Cake bar. Satisfy your sweet tooth without guilt while catapulting your lean muscle mass and performance forward.

Her Whey bars are a sub brand of NLA For Her, the leader of women’s sports supplements. We already have a massive brand awareness through our influencers, hundreds of print ads, and 5 million+ combined social media followers throughout our platforms. Our bars sell incredibly well through convenience and in brick and mortars because they stand out as a lean, high protein snack option, catered to the female demographic. Despite being lower calorie, all of our flavors are unrivaled and NLA For Her has the best tasting bars on the market.

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