Financial Advisors Learn Critical Role In U.S. Economic Recovery And Latest Strategies To Market Their Business

Financial advisors play a critical role not only in the lives of the 40 million Americans who are over age 65, but also in the continued U.S. economic recovery. Yet, advisors face some of their toughest challenges to fulfill their role.

Pittsburgh, PA – A new Census Bureau report shows that 1 out of every 8 Americans is over age 65, numbering 40 million strong. By 2030, 1 out of every 5 Americans will have celebrated their 65th birthday. Financial advisors play a key role in helping this group of Baby Boomers retire and stay retired. A recent article in Forbes outlines this issue, “by 2022 about 32% of Americans ages 65 to 74 will still be in the workforce. That’s up from about 20% in 2002.”

“Financial advisors are a key cog in the health of the U.S. economy,” says marketing business coach Scott Keffer, “for three reasons. One, they create the motivation and the means for people to save and invest for retirement and stay invested during turbulent economic times.”

Keffer goes on to say that financial advisors also show closely-held business owners how to protect and preserve their businesses. The government’s Small Business Administration reports that small businesses are responsible for two thirds of the net new jobs since 1995. Further, he states that they play a major role in showing charitable individuals how to support nonprofits and help themselves at the same time, thus funding organizations that solve societal problems at the local level.

Yet, financial advisors face some of their own toughest challenges, including how to systematically attract new clients; how to create a unique identity in a sea of competition from other financial advisors, as well as CPA’s, attorneys and banks that offer similar planning solutions; and how to staff and operate an efficient profitable business.

Understanding the key role that financial advisors play in our economic health and that the industry is not properly training advisors to solve their biggest problems is what prompted Keffer, a 30-year veteran advisor himself, to create his own training at in 2010.

“I was so frustrated with the financial industry training. Advisors are taught to have a practice, not how to operate a business. As a result, advisors are discouraged at having to work longer hours for incremental increases in income. And they really don’t like most of their clients,” says Keffer. “I created Double Your Affluent Clients Boot Camp to share very specific, tested-in-the-streets, real world solutions to advisors’ two biggest problems: how to create a steady stream of ideal clients and how to create a lifestyle-friendly business. The mark of a true business is that it operates even when an advisor is spending time with family, hanging out with friends, on vacation or on the golf course.”

Since 2010, advisors have travelled from all parts of the United States – including Hawaii and Puerto Rico; Canada and even Australia to attend the biannual training in November and May. The training provides advisors with tools, frameworks, blueprints, and tactics to grow their business with less effort, including how to use systems to attract better prospects; how to convert more prospects into clients; how to deliver client experiences; how to operate more productively and profitably; and more.

Simon “Stuffy” Singer, CFP, a veteran estate and financial planner in Encino, California and Past President of The FORUM 400, an association of elite advisors, remarked that the boot camp was like no other advisor marketing training in the industry.

“In the almost fifty years I’ve been in this business, there has never been a system and training as complete as Scott’s Boot Camp on the process of marketing for an elite advisor,” Singer said.

Through extensive research, interviews with successful advisors, his own “rags-to-riches” planning business and coaching from some of the nation’s premier business coaches, Keffer believes he has captured the keys to success. He shares The 7X Advisor Model® twice a year in his Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp and infuses the principles into all their programs, including The Affluent Engagement System®, The Donor Motivation Program®, the Arc of Distinction® and others.

The insights are shared through his webinars, training, special reports and books, including Double Your Affluent Clients 47 FAST Tips. Keffer’s latest Special Report, How To Establish Authority Positioning And Have Qualified Prospects Contacting You! outlines the five critical challenges advisors are facing and some excellent tips on rising above competition.

Darren Hardy, New York Times bestselling author and Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, says of Keffer, “I recommend Scott. He is a class act. He delivers great content that will help in big ways to grow your business and attract bigger and better clients.”

While financial advisors are helping the 40 million Americans over age 65 to retire, they will also be playing a key role in the U.S. economic recovery. For the 846,000 advisors in the United States, being positioned to attract these retirees and operating a profitable business at the same time is essential if these advisors hope to join the ranks of the retired… and stay retired.    

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