Ubiquicoin Names Schneider Securities, Ltd. as the Providers of ICO Financial Guarantee

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – 20 Sep, 2017 – Ubiquicoin is the first decentralized digital currency to be backed by a financial guarantee based on real, quantifiable assets. This provides coin holders with genuine downside protection that cannot be found in any other cryptocurrency.

Schneider Securities, ltd. (“Schneider”) will provide Ubiquicoin coin holders with a financial guarantee of up to $50 million that scales with the size of the ICO; the bigger the ICO, the bigger the guarantee.  Ubiquicoin will provide a further guarantee that also scales with the size of the ICO and is backed by a diversified pool of assets.  Together, these guarantees will provide coin holders with $1.00 protection on every coin sold in the ICO.

Schneider was founded in Scotland in 1119, re-structured as an amalgamation of family offices in Switzerland in 1991 and re-domiciled to London in 1999. It now operates under the auspices of the Financial Conduct Authority, the International Chamber of Commerce and the European Banking Authority.  Schneider has over one billion US dollars under management that will be used to back the guarantee for Ubiquicoin.  Schneider has a long history of providing financial guarantees to companies and sovereign governments across the globe.

Importantly, Schneider will have no influence over Ubiquicoin, its operations, its management, or any of the coin holders.  The sole purpose of its relationship with Ubiquicoin is to provide coin holders with downside protection in the coins they purchase in the ICO.  Schneider also has absolutely no influence or control whatsoever over Ubiquicoin’s cryptocurrency, which is governed by decentralized transaction authentication and smart contracts.

Be part of the only currency that gives you real downside protection with unlimited upside potential.  Be part of Ubiquicoin. 

About Ubiquicoin

Ubiquicoin is the first decentralized digital currency to be backed by a financial guarantee that scales with the size of the ICO, built on a proven infrastructure and with an equitable revenue share structure that rewards coin holders equally. Ubiquicoin has been designed to optimize and democratically implement the goals of the global financial revolution. We call it “Organized Decentralization.” The future has arrived.

Access the whitepaper at http://www.ubiquicoin.com/assets/whitepaper.pdf

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