Professional trading advice turns to crowdfunding to help ordinary people to invest

IdeaLoader plans to expand its free market insight contents and outreach to democratize sophisticated trading advice

The usual pricy professional-grade trading insights that ordinary people can never afford will become free, easy to access and simple to follow and use through a crowdfunding campaign that is being launched today on IndieGoGo. IdeaLoader, an already existing platform that offers free trading advice, market analysis and trading psychology tips for retail investors, is turning to crowdfunding to boost its content creation and to increase its efforts to democratize the access to sophisticated trading insights offered by industry experts. 

“We already have a solid track record of offering well-built trading ideas that people can actually turn into trades that make money. We’ve also been offering tried and tested wealth-creation insights that keep people on an efficient wealth-creation mindset that helps them preserve and grow their capital in financial markets. Now we want to turn a resource that’s been used by only a few thousand people into a go-to platform for millions to enjoy and make the most of”, said Mr. Mihaylov, Harvard University Graduate, Initiator at IdeaLoader and project manager of the crowdfunding campaign. 

Created and developed by a team of real-life traders with a combined market experience of more than 15 years of experience in the trading and financial industries, IdeaLoader is already known for its free and premium services. The company offers both free daily articles that people can rely on as simple and actionable trading advice and also an e-book and coaching services as premium products that users can purchase to further improve their trading activity. Mr. Mihaylov has managed to gather a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the financial market, having the know-how and insights of trading different financial instruments, and giving the right advice to people that want to make money. 

“Now, what we want to do is really to go global. We know that there’s a lot of people out there who are still using trial and error as a strategy that makes trading become mostly a money-wasting adventure. We also know that some people make a big effort to subscribe to expensive trading newsletters, but the results are often underwhelming and do not match the price. So, with IdeaLoader expanding its outreach through crowdfunding, we’ll be able to offer everyone the same kind of quality advice, whether it is free of charge but nevertheless professional-grade, or paid contents and services but nevertheless affordable and leading to great outcomes”, Mr. Mihaylov detailed. 

The IdeaLoader crowdfunding campaign is seeking to raise $15,000 on IndieGogo, and it can be found at

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