Scott Wiser Launches Fundraiser Campaign On Kickstarter For His Crucial Animation Movie Project, Layers

Scott Wiser announces fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for his project Layers.

Scott Wiser, independent filmmaker, character animator and Creative Director at Funded Today, has announced that he has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund his project Layers. It is a four-minute animated film featuring a strong female protagonist.

“Layers is a beautiful film about a weary traveler versus a mountain,” says Scott Wiser about his dream project. “The film’s female protagonist, who has to deal with struggles and challenges of various kinds, is sure to strike a chord with viewers of all ages. The funding will help us use the services of freelance animators, cleanup artists and background artists to complete the film smoothly.”

Layers is already making news in the industry with many saying it is a truly moving story that must be watched. The visual elements are beautiful and will have a wonderful effect when presented through animation. Depending on the funding they get from their campaign, Scott and his team will be able to get animators and other artists and professionals on board to push the quality of the film higher.

The concepts and character designs were handled by Lauren Chaikin, an illustration and communication design expert. The temp music for the rough version of the movie was created by Ryan Leach, a music composer who has done feature films and media of all types. Tegan Clancy has helped with the concept part of the animation movie while Lance Williams has handled the video. The art of crowdfunding was explained to Scott Wiser by Zach Smith. Brett Lloyd was the business advisor.

Nimble Collective is also part of the Layers team and is helping Scott and his crew by providing access to their animation platform in the cloud so that the 2D studio can be set up quickly. This will save time and money as it will save Scott the hassle of creating an entire animation pipeline from scratch.

For Scott Wiser, Layers is a critical career point as he will be using this as a launching platform for his animation business. The funding will used almost uniformly on various aspects of filmmaking such as background, backer fulfillment, and music and sound. A significant portion of the funding will be spent on the animation aspect.

Scott Wiser’s past projects include the Invizy and the Misfit Supers and Vanishing Ink. An upcoming project called Cirque Du Solitude, which is a book/feature film, has been put on hold so that Scott can provide undivided attention to Layers.

The Kickstarter campaign by Scott Wiser is aiming to collect $40,000. The deadline for the campaign is 28 September, 2017.

About Layers:

Layers is an animation movie project by Scott Wiser. The four-minute movie has a female protagonist in the lead role. The movie traces her struggles as a weary traveler who must climb and overcome a steep mountain cove to find food. She has only her failing strength and her magical layers to push her into achieving her objective. The layers store the most vivid memories of her life.

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