Japanese developer Ronald Mabunga launches Tebakyu and friends, the emoji sticker pack for iMessage

Ronald Mabunga, aka bungalogic, a talented Japanese app developer has announced the launch of his new funny sticker pack Tebakyu and friends Volume One in the message App Store. The sticker pack launched for iPhone and iPad allows the user to send funny stickers to express themselves better while texting their friends and family through iMessages.

The word ‘Tebakyu’ is derived from the word Tebasaki, meaning chicken wing and ‘Kyuri’ meaning cucumber in Japanese. By combining the two words, the word Tebakyu is formed. The sticker pack features funny characters such as a mushroom, cucumber, carrots, and others to send in an iMessage text.

The stickers enable the user to text their family and friends in a humorous way. There are 24 iMessage stickers illustrated by the bungalogic himself. He has used his artistic abilities to develop stickers that express everyday human emotions in a fun way. Even though the stickers are in Japanese, the expressions of the characters in the sticker speak for themselves.  Interestingly, he has drawn all the characters on iPhone taking inspiration from his favorite food. He designed this sticker pack to create something funny and light-hearted to be used in everyday iMessage texts.

Bungalogic has always been an artist. He has spent a good part of his life drawing, painting, shooting and editing videos. “The things I value the most in life are spending time with friends and family as well as eating good food. I believe in enjoying life and doing what you love. These stickers are a way to express my love for drawing and illustration,” says bungalogic, the developer of Tebakyu and friends app.

Tebakyu sticker pack is a way to connect people through iMessage with humor. It adds a funny touch to the otherwise plain texting without the use of any emojis or stickers. The iMessage sticker pack allows the user to send the funny Chicken wing, cucumber and other food inspired characters to express their emotions while texting. The stickers feature, happy, sad, angry, annoyed, geeky and many other emoji to allow the user to express their feelings while texting. So far, bungalogic has created unique characters in Volume One of the sticker pack he is soon planning to launch Volume Two with more new expressions.

The sticker pack is now available in the Message App Store for iOS devices. 



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