World-famous dermatologist surgeon now extending telemedicine services to rural areas

World-renowned dermatologist and Mohs surgeon from Beverly Hills is now offering his state of the art treatment and skin cancer screening services to rural and underserved areas through telemedicine.

Los Angeles, CA – September 20, 2017 – Lack of access to qualified dermatologists force rural communities to suffer in silence even in case of threatening health conditions like skin cancer. But not any more. There are still some conscientious doctors who care for the underserved communities and one of them is world famous dermatologist Dr. Daniel P. Taheri. The award-winning Mohs surgeon, whose clientele mostly include the Stars at the Academy Awards, is now extending his services to the rural communities through telemedicine.

It’s for the first time, a surgeon of this esteemed caliber is offering his services – the premier services that were only available in Beverly Hills until now- to the underserved areas of Arizona, California and Nevada. Deeply concerned by the rising stats in skin cancer, Dr. Taheri is extending remote skin cancer screening treatment to help in early detection and timely diagnosis of this fatal menace. As per the data from American Cancer Society, more than 9,500 people will die of skin cancer in the USA this year. One of the main reasons behind it is lack of early detection of the issue that could have otherwise been able to solve the problem to some extent with timely diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Taheri is looking forward to address the situation by providing easy access to skin cancer screening to those communities who lack the access to quality and advanced dermatological care.

“Skin cancer is on an alarming rise of late and according to AAD stats,  over 1 million Americans are currently suffering from melanoma. Skin cancer can be deadly if not treated from an early stage. The sad part is most of the small towns lack the easy access to a specialist dermatologist, forget the Mohs surgeons. Those who still try to reach out to doctors in big cities can’t follow-up after a couple of visits. Worst is, a large number of people from these areas leave their condition untreated. Such grim reality inspired me to come up with my services to this underserved communities”, stated the world renowned dermatologist.

A specialist in Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology, Laser Surgery as well as Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Dr. Daniel P. Taheri is an M.D. from UCLA School of Medicine. Currently the CEO of his own dermatologist clinic, he is one of the most sough-after surgeons globally who has successfully worked on numerous MOHS micrographic skin cancer surgeries in Southern California.

“We are counting on the power of telemedicine to help them to receive our advanced screening and treatment right from the comfort of their home. My remote treatments assure easy access to state of the art skin diagnosis and treatment to anybody who lack access to a top dermatologist – either due to distance or busy schedule.”

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