Doting parents introduce unique motivational product to help kids overcome challenges with The Kid Fairy

The Kid Fairy has come up with unique positive reinforcement letters and sticker charts that are aimed to inspire kids to overcome challenges and grow up into well-behaved and spirited individuals.

Minneapolis, MN – Sept 20, 2017 – Parenting is tough with responsibilities of lifetime. At times it’s more of a struggle to make kids to do the right stuff. But good news is on the way- things are going to change for better. The Kid Fairy has come up with unique positive reinforcement product that will help kids to overcome their challenges and grow up into well-rounded individuals. The product is designed for kids between the ages of 3 to 8.

Founded by doting parents of 3, the company extends positive reinforcement letters that are aimed to encourage kids to wade through their struggles towards a meaningful life ahead. The founders themselves have tried the product with their own kids and met with tremendous success. The rewarding experience encouraged them to share the product with all other parents out there and thus The Kid Fairy was born. From developing kids being respectful to parents or elders to securing good grades to potty training to performing household chores- the incredible system from The Kid Fairy assures to tackle all such issues with success.

The personalized positive letters of reinforcement are available in wide range of cool themes. From Ninja letters to unicorn themed ones- there are different fun themes to choose from.

“We are excited to bring you a proven product which will help our little ones to overcome challenges with élan. The Kid Fairy is dedicated to inspire ‘a can-do attitude’ among kiddos through the ‘magic’ of personalized positive reinforcement letters. Studies have confirmed that great compliments enhance the productivity by more than 6% among employees- the same goes with anybody including our little munchkins. At times, all the tots need is little boost and our encouraging letters will go all the way to inspire the magical abilities in them”, stated the leading spokesperson and co-founder of The Kid Fairy.

The Kid Fairy has also come up with sticker charts to motivate little ones to get over hurdles and complete needed tasks with success. Each time a kid shows a positive behavior, he/she will get a sticker. If the kid is able to accumulate a certain sum of stickers, s/he will receive a reward. The theme of the reward would be decided through mutual discussion between the parents & children.

“Our letters and sticker charts are meant to help parents in raising their kids into well behaved, rational and spirited individuals who will make positive contributions to the community in future. There might be similar products in the market but those are not exactly focusing on this particular thing. They are not anything beyond simple ‘gifts’. Our system is more than ‘holiday presents’. In fact, they are the tools that the parents have been waiting for to ensure an upright upbringing for their kids.”

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