MDguna extends online portal to get in touch with top rated physicians and hospitals

MDguna has extended a unique online directory for doctors and hospitals where the healthcare providers are listed with ratings based on their success rate to help patients with informed decision.

Buffalo, WY – September 20, 2017 – The door to quality healthcare is just a click away from now on! Buffalo-based healthcare IT company MDguna has recently launched its revolutionary online platform that assures to connect patients with top rated hospitals and physicians. The company rates healthcare organizations and providers based on actual outcome to ensure an informed decision on part of the patient about healthcare providers.

“Online directories for hospitals or doctors are not exactly a new concept. However, MDguna stands out with an added functionality to the virtual guide for healthcare providers. We are aimed to direct patients towards premium healthcare and hence we take a result-driven approach. Unlike other directories that just list the names, we provide our listings with ratings strictly based on their outcomes. We process all insurance claims in a year which enable us to rank our providers on the basis of their efficiency and efficacy. This way, only the top performers receive the highest ratings which conveniently helps the patients to screen out the cream lot from the rest”, stated Satyam Reddy, who founded MDguna with Oleksiy Kononeko and Arun Kumar.

Choosing a quality healthcare provider is the first step towards an efficient treatment. Patients need to know about the success rate and experience of the hospitals and doctors in performing their particular case. The data is important to sum up an informed decision before visiting the physician or clinic. 

“We enable patients to search their physicians or hospitals on the basis of all the critical information one should know before choosing the best possible healthcare service. These include –

  • procedures performed by the hospital/doctor in the given year
  • number of successful cases
  • number of cases that went for readmissions, infections, revisions and complications
  • measure of patient populace attribute- severity, risk, gender, age, ethnicity that a healthcare provider has worked on.”

MDguna’s state of the art online platform gauges the aggregated metrics for all these parameters and rates physicians & hospitals on the ratio of their efficiency. Patients searching for healthcare providers will also get to know about the estimated expense with their chosen hospital/doctor in regards to their specified procedure. MDguna enables one to search healthcare providers locally on the basis of their designated range or miles.

Speaking further, Satyam Reddy mentioned about the provision of additional population health metrics to guide consumers on preparing themselves for pre-existent conditions in times of the visit.

“Our platform is also designed to extend a reasonable idea about pre-existent situation during the visit. We will educate you on what to expect from your upcoming visit to your chosen doctor, how the visit might influence your health, the possibility of a surgery, test, medication and certainly the probable success ratio of the procedure.” 

In near future, Satyam and his team have plans to expand the platform to physician chamber visits, including vision, dental, nursing home and home care services.

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