New Indiegogo launch introduces world’s first 100% internet connected AI Drone

Sept 20, 2017 – A new next-generation drone which is 100% internet connected and does not need any controller is seeking a crowd funding at Indiegogo. The drone is engineered keeping in mind Drone users who yearn for open-frame drones.

Developed by New Jersey-based drone startup FLiFLi, the futuristic drone is entitled as “ORCA” that can be controlled by Voice Recognition mechanism. It is the world’s first drone to be designed with Artificial Intelligence technology. Unlike traditional options like DJI drones, ORCA is possible to steer 100% Voice + Internet (IOT) without a controller.

The Smart Drone runs on Auto-Pilot system and the user simply needs his voice to control & monitor ORCA without hassle. It works on “Speak & Fly” mode where you can make the drone perform the needed action through your voice command. ORCA is able to support both LTE/Wi-Fi connections simultaneously and allows users to stay connected wherever he flies with LTE/WIFI Connection. The drone promises uninterrupted connection, seamless & super-fast data transmission.

“Whether you want the drone to take off or return to home- just ‘tell’ it and it will do whatever you want it to. It is designed with interactive real-time UI which works just like Apple’s Siri or Google’s Alexa”, stated a leading spokesperson from FLiFLi.

A rising name in the contemporary drone market, FLiFLi has already attained huge success with its Air Drop accessory for Drones on Amazon. The company is looking forward to bringing a more advanced alternative to the stereotyped closed platform drones developed by DJI and other regular drone makers through its path-breaking ORCA AI drone.

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ORCA also the first panoramic drone ever to be engineered with 360 degree camera that offers a fine AR (Augmented Reality) view while flying. It comes with a 3-sided 1800 HUD (Head-up Display) that enables user to know everything he wants about the drone. All one needs is a VR goggle to enjoy the entire view in real time. Users would be able to enjoy the view andthe displays by moving head right and left.

Speaking further, the FLiFLi spokesperson mentioned about the streaming capacity of ORCA. The drone is attached with a streaming server cluster that enables one to capture the panoramic view as well as watch and share it via social media.

The FLiFLi team is hopeful to gather substantial funding through this Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. The project is presently in the prototype phase and needs robust financial support to fine-tune the final product. Generous support from the backers would help the startup to start the drone production on a larger scale and bring ORCA to the world.

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ORCA is also backed by a Stereo Vision Camera that comes with forward and downward obstacle sensors & advanced computer vision to help the users with obstacle Avoidance. Much to the delight of dynamic drone users, the world’s first AI+ Internet connected drone is all set to dawn in a new paradigm in the drone space.

To support the ORCA drone project, please visit the official Indiegogo campaign at

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