BOC Sciences Newly Launches Bioconjugation to Facilitate Life Science Researches

To better cater to the needs of its customers, BOC Sciences continues to expand its product portfolio by recently introducing its bioconjugation service.

As a trust-worthy chemical supplier and related service provider, BOC Sciences continues to expand its product portfolio by recently introducing its bioconjugation service. Now customers can have easy access to a string of pre-clinical innovative reagents and drug candidates that may accelerate their never ceasing drug discovery endeavors.

All compounds, whether natural or synthetic, can be chemically combined to create certain new desired characteristics without compromising too much to their individual features. Bioconjugation, as its name suggests, is the process of forming a stable covalent link between two biomolecules.

“We make one biomolecule join to another via chemical or biological means, purposely forming a unique new complex that consists of both molecules linked together. The other component might be also a biomolecule or a small molecule, or a polymer,” says Dr. Claudia Polley, chief scientific officer of BOC Sciences’ bioconjugation research team. “The whole process is controllable, which means customers can decide to what proportioned these two components are conjugated, half by half or one component having more molecules than the other.”

Personalized solutions for linking small molecules (drugs, metabolites, and labeled compounds, just to name a few) with synthetic or natural compounds to serve certain specific functions are now available at BOC Sciences. Currently its bioconjugation service includes:

a) Fluorescent labeling;

b) Biotinylation and conjugation of streptavidin/avidi;

c) Modification of nanoparticles and column packing materials;

d) Hapten-BSA conjugation;

e) Bioconjugation of antibody;

“Synthesis of bioconjugates involves a variety of challenges. Either the use of a fluorescent dye marker or the complex design of antibody drug conjugates are not simple,” explains Dr. Claudia Polley. “This is known to almost all the industry insiders, however, with recent advances and better understanding of biomolecules, we can do much more than we used to. We now have a large collection of reagents like luorophores, enzymes, biotins, PEG derivations from which researchers could opt.”

Dedicated to be a reliable backup for its customers in their efforts of developing diagnostics, bioassays as well as drug formulations, BOC Sciences consistently makes sure that all reagents are manufactured under strict quality control regulations. “Our aim is to let our products talk themselves!” added Dr. Claudia Polley.

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With over a decade of years’ operation experiences in the industry, BOC Sciences has already been well-established in both industrial and academic circles. By August this year BOC Sciences has reached nearly 5 million customers in 29 countries. As always, BOC Sciences is committed to offer its customers premium products and services at the best price ever possible. 

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