Steelbridge Realty LLC Is Working to Help Hurricane Irma Effected Property Owners and Buyers

Fort Myers, FL – September 20, 2017 – Recent damages to various properties from Hurricane Irma have been a concern to property owners around Southwest Florida. This is especially problematic for those who are trying to sell their properties. With this in mind, Steelbridge Realty LLC is working to help people around Southwest Florida with their buying and selling needs for distressed properties in the region, including those that have been impacted by Irma.

Steelbridge Realty LLC is a North Fort Myers-based group Brokerage that utilizes cutting edge marketing techniques and data driven Real Estate solutions in today’s ever changing environment. The distressed assets division of Steelbridge Realty LLC is available to help people looking to get their storm damaged homes sold or assist buyers that are interested in buying them. These include homes that have been damaged by winds and flooding. Steelbridge Realty LLC can assist the owner with any property that has been harmed from weather damages.

We are fully functional and operational Real Estate Brokerage. Many buyers currently need representation due to the storms effect on the real estate market. If you are in need of a buyer’s agent to help you to locate a property, whether it is a traditional sale or a distressed sale, please reach out to us, we will be happy to help. Our group of professionals have decades of experience and have navigated through many business cycles. Our diverse background gives us the tools to guide people towards successful decisions.

If you are interested in finding ways to get your real estate sold or are looking to buy real estate you can contact Steelbridge Realty LLC for help. The Brokerage is actively helping those looking to sell properties damaged by Hurricane Irma as well as those who want to buy real estate in SWFL. We have significant experience and positive prior performance in that space within the market. The Brokerage is available at Interested parties can also contact the Steelbridge Distressed Assets Division for additional help as required.

The Principals of Steelbridge Realty LLC have worked with the following media outlets as a subject matter expert. (General Real Estate, Real Estate Statistics, Real Estate Investing & Foreclosures): NPR, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, Wink, Fox, Fort Myers News Press, Naples Daily News, Fort Myers Weekly, and Gulf Coast Business Journal.

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