“Tucked Trunks Boxer Briefs”
From Valet to CEO in 3 years. An inspiring story of an Instagram company that changed the traditional boxer brief forever.

From an ordinary guy to CEO in 3 short years with a pair of boxer briefs, scissors, an idea and Instagram! For the 30-year-old creative genius, Rafael De Oliveira lack of capital was no deterrent, he was determined to bring his truly innovative boxer brief idea to life and completely change the boxer brief forever!

From humble beginnings, Rafael De Oliveira worked at a medical practice where he first started out a valet but for the ambitious Rafael, he quickly worked his way up to a higher corporate position and began making a very good living for himself. After 10 years and his new idea pulling his attention in a different direction, he decided to risk everything to pursue his dream of bringing his idea to the world. Not only did he quit a 10-year high-paying career, he did it with no savings and only two months prior to his wedding date! Talk about pressure!

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“I used to hate it when my shirts would un-tuck and I found myself constantly re-tucking my shirt in all throughout the day,” said Rafael. “that’s when I had an idea, why not create a boxer brief that can hold my shirt tucked in?” he added and “that is how Tucked Trunks was born.” Rafael was unhappy with current products in the market so “I set out to create and offer the easiest solution that would help me and other men that faced the same problem of keeping our shirts looking sharp all day,” said Rafael who is the creative genius behind the brand and product Tucked Trunks!

“Tucked Trunks is pretty much a boxer brief that functions through a dual waistband with multi rubber grip technology and a buttonhole integrated into the boxer brief so that the users can secure their shirts without having to tuck it in repeatedly.” – Rafael De Oliveira. Within 7 months of launching, Tucked Trunks was quickly accepted by the gentlemen community on Instagram and has become an overnight worldwide sensation! Tucked Trunks was quickly picked up and featured on Business Insider and the New York Post!

“I tried everything in the market. I hated everything. They took forever to put on, forever to take off, didn’t fit into my daily life as putting on my boxer brief was, that’s why when I was developing Tucked Trunks, I was determined not to be another accessory but I wanted to revolutionize the traditional boxer brief and get more use out of it!” With these boxer briefs, there is no need for any accessories. “I reasoned, if you have to wear a boxer brief every morning anyway, why not wear a Tucked Trunks boxer brief and have 2 in 1? it just makes sense,” said Rafael who designed this naturally aspirated product to fit into every man’s normal routine.

Tucked Trunks has exploded onto the market with a boom and has already reached 120 countries within a short period of time. The company has plans of launching its Kickstarter campaign to create their new color line in the fall of 2017. They will have updates on their website here: Meanwhile, the company is offering its original all black line and is available for immediate purchase and they ship worldwide! It’s time to think outside the box(er) briefs!

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Company Name: Tucked Trunks
Contact Person: Rafael De Oliveira – Founder & CEO
Country: United States