A unique channel that helps anyone end the year on a high is set for launch

A certified performance coach and entrepreneur, Gary Ryan Blair has announced the launch of a program that helps individuals and corporate bodies end the year on a high note. The 100 DAY CHALLENGE which is set to kick off on Friday, September 22, 2017, is open for anyone who wants to meet their set goals for the year. The concept of the program is to give everybody the ideal platform to surpass any limitations that might want to make them end the year on a mediocre level. Each of the contents that are delivered in this dynamic package blends with the work and life demands of a wide range of people. It helps them reach for more and finish the year with a high sense of accomplishment.

One of the reasons why this product was put together is to address the high number of people who seem to fall short of their immense potentials. They experience so many roadblocks that stop them from reaching great heights. It is imperative to note that the last part of the year is usually full of activities and moments of sober reflection. This tool enables people to rise against the tides and paint their world in the colors that they choose. The goal setting mechanism which is a key component of this package is designed to make sure people do not succumb to excuses that keep them at the base of their life or career. Another feature is that anyone who signs up becomes part of a support group that cheers you on to the finish line.

The momentum that will be generated by this product is quite amazing because the build-up has been intense. People look to the end of the year with different feelings, but this product is poised to turn the tables for good. The 100 DAY CHALLENGE is appropriate for those in the boardroom, locker room, classroom and living room. Every participant is required to sign up with $177. Discounts are available for Corporate institutions, Members of the Military and Groups that intend to be part of the program. The enrollment takes place from September 22, 2017, to October 2, 2017, after which the program runs till the end of the year.

In his remarks, the creator of the 100 DAY CHALLENGE, Gary Ryan Blair said – “People need to embrace this channel that gives them the drive to crush any challenge that wants to stop them from finishing well. The value of this program is not only going to deliver great results; it will help to groom people to lead better lives. It has an all-encompassing benefit that delivers great value to each participant.”

For more details about the 100 DAY CHALLENGE, you can visit – www.100DayChallenge.com

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