Airwheel R8 Mountain Electric Bike Opens a Brand-New Page For Getting Around

Sometimes, commuters are even stuck in traffic jam for several hours. In fact, they just select the wrong travel transport. If people would like to have a try on Airwheel R8 lightweight trekking bike, they will be subdued by its powerful riding performance. It opens a brand-new page for city travels.

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Big consumer base is always the precondition of wide application. The majority of the traditional transports have their own shortcoming when it comes to user group. Take private car for example. People who are younger than 16 and older than 70 years old can’t drive car. However, Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter is designed for most people, from little kids to the elderly, which benefits from its small figure, electricity-powered riding mode, big load capacity and adjustable operating arm. In the meantime, it also offers comfortable and safe riding experience.

Airwheel R8 owns powerful riding function. The two customized 26-inch tires are adaptable to various road conditions, like slippery and bumpy roads. Since Airwheel R8 is positioned as the personal electric mountain bike, it must be used on the tough terrains except for these even paths. It might be used on the rocky track, the bumpy section or the dirt road. In crowed city, it always can take people to the destination on time. It actually opens a brand-new page for city travels. The three ride modes make more people like it. Moreover, its battery can be changed. When the battery on the scooter runs out, riders can replace it to a battery with full power at any time. The whole process only takes riders few seconds.

Most of transports, like private car, subway and public bus, are enclosed. For those people who are busy in their job, it will increase repression when they are in those transports. Airwheel R8 electric bike is totally different. When people are riding it, they can freely weave on road and enjoy great freedom. The view of riders is completely open. It is helpful to relax people and give them a happy mood. At the same time, R8 is emission-free and thus it belongs to low-carbon and green travel. Compared with gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, R8 is helpful to improve the air quality in city.

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