National Press Distributors Unveil The Best Resources in Office Fitness by Industry Experts

National Press Distributors recently published findings on the top resources for office fitness, a growing industry with great interest from consumers and businesses alike. Experts analysed options on multiple platforms, including books, digital media and products. Included in this report are the top rated picks that lead the current office fitness market.

Approved products: iMovR continues to be a leader in the office fitness marketplace, offering the largest variety in products and services for their clients. Consumers continuously come back to the updated and industry relevant products available. Businesses purchase the best in ergonomic office essentials for their employees, offering more active and healthy lifestyle choices in the workplace. This leader in the industry continues to impress customers seeking a healthier approach to work.

Suggested books: “Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World,” written by Kelly Starrett, questions the idea of working while sitting and how it may even hurt our health in the process. The research and commentary are woven into educational anecdotes that are sure to inspire every reader to make a healthier choice when working.

Recommended digital media: Dr. Levi Harrison is an influential exercise enthusiast, outlining easy and simple ways to stay active during the workweek with “Office Fitness: Exercises For the Office.”This video is a simple guide for anyone desiring a more active role when sitting for too long is unavoidable. These easy to follow steps are great for everyone, even those who work from home.

National Press Distrubutors is the owner of this report, published to highlight industry leading resources for office fitness. Experts defined and hand picked the items featured here after careful consideration. To learn more about the process, or to speak with us directly, please contact NPD’s press representative.

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